Pasta Supremo – Suntec City Mall

It seems that handmade pasta is pretty much still in-trend of the late, considering how places serving up handmade pasta is still sprouting up across the island slowly.

Taking over the former premises of now-defunct Nostimo Greek Deli (some may be more familiar with the space being ERGON Singapore), Pasta Supremo is the latest F&B tenant which had recently moved into Suntec City, serving up handmade pasta. The interior is pretty much familiar; not a lot had changed from its days being Nostimo Greek Deli or even ERGON Singapore; the interior features white brick walls, furnishings with wooden accents and chalkboards featuring the menu offerings. Peering into the windows from outside the shop at the counter area, one can notice the various types of handmade pasta that are prepared. Serving up pasta that comes with a fixed set of condiments (listed under “Haus Pasta” on the ala-carte section of the menu), Pasta Supremo also offers “Build Your Own Pasta” options (a little reminiscent to that of Tipo Pasta Bar at North Bridge Road, though albeit less extensive), where patrons can opt for the different types of pasta along with the portion sizes, sauces, and their desired proteins and toppings in two different tiers; the Super and Supremo. Also listed on the ala-carte section of the menu are sides and sweets; patrons can also opt for the Pasta of the Week, Soup of the Day and Sweets of the Day, all of which being daily or weekly specials that are displayed on the chalkboards behind the counter. Beverages available at Pasta Supremo includes coffee, tea, alcohol, and other beverages; some of which being free-flow at an add-on for $3.80 on top of the Supremo Set.

(Carbonara, but not really)

Going for one of the Haus Pasta, we ordered the Carbonara, but not really. As the name suggests, the pasta is inspired by the classic Carbonara, but with its own unique twist; the item features Curly Pasta, 3 Mushroom Creme, Haus Bacon, and Parmigiano Reggiano. As mentioned earlier, the pasta used in the dishes at Pasta Supremo are all handmade; the Curly Pasta is a short pasta that is dyed blue using blue pea flower. The pasta is done al-dente, carrying a good bite without being brittle nor doughy, whilst tossed in a light-tasting sauce that does not overwhelm the taste buds. The Parmigiano Reggiano helps to add a hint of cheesiness to enhance the flavours a little, though the Haus Bacon felt a little disappointing overall. Whilst being the element that seemingly was intended to give the Carbonara, but not really a unique twist, the Haus Bacon seemed to lack flavour and felt rather dry, failing to blend into the other components of the pasta. An item which we felt could do with some tweaking, especially in regards to the Haus Bacon which should have been a focal point of the dish.

(Build Your Own Pasta – Super: Long Pasta, Haus Marinara, Mushroom Mix, Crispy Garlic)

We also went for a “Build Your Own Pasta” option, going for the Super by opting for a regular-sized Long Pasta tossed in Haus Marinara, with Mushroom Mix as the choice of protein and Crispy Garlic as a topping. As compared to the Carbonara, but not really, the tomato-based sauce used for the Haus Marinara was bright and tangy; a flavour that hits the right notes without being overly sour not generic. The pasta was also done al-dente, delivering a good bite while the mushrooms provide a bouncy texture and earthy notes into to provide a contrast of flavours to the pasta. We felt that the crispy garlic did lack the crispy texture, however; a topping that would have given more texture and crunch to the pasta that would make it a little more addictive overall.

(Pistachio Creme)

To end off the meal, we opted for the Pistachio Creme. Essentially Panna Cotta served with candied Pistachios over the top, the dessert carries a sweet, nutty crunch alongside a smooth, rich and luscious vanilla pudding; creamy, yet perfuming of a light hint of vanilla aroma with vanilla beans speckled throughout the dessert. That being said, the candied pistachios can be a turn-off to some, considering how they do end up stubbornly sticking onto the teeth somewhat.

Overall, our meal at Pasta Supremo is decent, though we felt that the food is a little bit on the pricier side. No doubt we do appreciate how the pasta is handmade; it is noted that the pasta here is seemingly chewier and carries a better bite than that of dishes served using dry pasta elsewhere, but we felt that the portion sizes are a tad small, and the other elements in the pasta could have been improved on for a better, more well-rounded dish than what was presented during our visit. Service was fine, though not particularly memorable as well. Perhaps it is still initial days for Pasta Supremo, considering how we made our visit on a weekday dinner service just a few days after their soft launch; that being said, there is certainly some room for improvement, and it would be interesting to see how Pasta Supremo would fare in the long run with their unique handmade pasta.

Pasta Supremo
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

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