ERGON Singapore – Suntec City Mall (Closed)

(ERGON Singapore had since ceased operations.)

Opened opposite Gudetama Cafe in Suntec City is ERGON Foods Singapore, the first Asian outpost of the Greek deli cafe-and-grocer concept that has outlets operating in different parts of Europe.

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Located in a medium-sized shop space, the well-organized interior was barely claustrophobic, with the grocer and cafe sharing a common space and yet still contains ample space for patrons and shoppers to walk around. The cafe offers plenty of options on the menu; for light bites, one could go for the pastries and cookies displayed at the counter, while those who are looking for more substantial bites could go for the salads and sandwiches over the counter or even grab an open-faced toast with a variety of condiments or spreads such as the smoked salmon spread, hummus and even smoked aubergine, just to name a few.

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(Grilled Octopus on Hummus)

We went for a Grilled Octopus on Hummus Toast; the open-faced toasts are prepared upon order. Coming with other condiments such as the Lemon Olive Oil, the toast itself feels much like a simple comforting treat with a subtly extravagant touch — the grilled octopus leg certainly gave the dish a little more flair than the simple toast with the hummus spread. While the grilled octopus leg itself was lacking a smoky flavour from the grilling, the octopus leg is still largely tender: the ends being slightly just a teeny bit chewier. The hummus binds the crisp yet fluffy sourdough and grilled octopus leg pretty well, smooth and providing a layer of slightly more savoury flavour in between. The drizzle of lemon olive oil also adds a little zestiness that also works as a dressing for the salad strewn at the side too.

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The “Pastourmas” is yet another open-faced toast dish, featuring the same sourdough bread but with a different combination of condiments such as spicy salami and pastrami, pepper spread (as in bell pepper spread) and fried egg. This felt more suited for breakfast, sounding like the comforting combination of toast, bacon and eggs coming together as one — it is, however, a little bit heavier in terms of general flavour profile as compared to the Grilled Octopus on Hummus; the cured meat carried a full-blown savoury flavour that matches up with the tangy pepper spread that helps to cut through the saltiness. All in all, still pretty satisfying and more suited for those who prefer heavier flavours.

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The Kataifi is one of the few Traditional Greek Desserts being offered here. Being a shredded filo pastry with nuts and syrup, the Kataifi seemed to lack crispness due to much of the filo pastry being bound by the syrup (though we are not particularly sure if Kataifi is supposed to be served this way). We enjoyed the cinnamon-y, sweet and crunchy fillings within, which definitely put the meal to an end on a pretty good note with a dessert that was not overbearingly sweet.

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(Flat White)

Coffee is specially roasted by taf in Athens, Greece for ERGON Foods. The Flat White was pretty decent; creamy with a considerably medium body that carries a light, fruity flavour profile with an earthy finish.

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Being pretty new to the F&B scene in Singapore, ERGON Foods seem rather organised in its operations with decent service and a pretty relaxed vibe. The food items are generally rather affordable especially for the items over the counter, though certain items off the printed menu are a little bit more on the pricey side depending on the nature of the item itself. That being said, the food quality is pretty decent for the items we have tried. We would probably find ourselves coming back to ERGON Foods again, considering the good coffee and that Suntec City offers free WiFi that is rather stable with decent speeds; a conducive spot to get some work done, though we would probably opt for the more affordable food items instead. A decent and convenient spot in town to have a casual meal especially for bread lovers who are into sourdough and open-faced toasts to check out.

ERGON Singapore
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038984

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