The Legendary Ramen Master – Northpoint

With the revamp of Northpoint going on, the mall had been seeing some new tenants moving in such as the likes of Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice, TenderFresh and Loco Loco (which is mentioned in the June edition of jiaksimipng Foodnotes).

The Legendary Ramen Master is an expansion of Master Wang Ramen Chinese Cuisine that had first started at Anson Road, with the Northpoint branch situated right beside Ayam Penyet President being the first outlet to be branded as under the new name. The menu comprises of mainly Chinese Ramen, including their Legendary Rainbow Ramen which consists of their pumpkin, carrot and spinach noodles, while there are also quite a number of side dishes (both fried and steamed), soup, rice and desserts to pick from.

(Steamed Dumpling (Original))

We visited The Legendary Ramen Master where they were running a promotion of their Legendary Rainbow Ramen and the Steamed Dumpling (Original); we decided to order the latter which we found to be largely decent. The dumplings carried a good amount of savoury soup, while the skin of the steamed dumplings was of adequate thickness. That being said, the steamed dumplings looked a tad flaccid; probably could have done with more meat packed within considering the meat only pretty much seemed to be lined with the skin, thus causing the dumplings to carry a tactile bite.

(Ramen with Grandma Dongpo’s Braised Pork)

Going for one of the noodle dishes here, we opted for the Ramen with Grandma Dongpo’s Braised Pork. Patrons are able to specify their preferred choice of noodles between the Original, Pumpkin, Carrot or Spinach noodles when ordering the noodle dishes via the order chit given; we had our order with the Spinach noodles. Coming as a dry noodle dish, the Spinach carries a green hue though tastes rather similar to the original (more on that later). Those who prefer more flavour could choose to mix in the braised sauce from the braised pork served on the side for a more savoury touch. The braised pork here was actually rather flavourful, covered in a thick braised sauce that was pretty savoury while there was a good mix of slightly more fatty and gelatinous pieces with leaner chunks around.

(Ramen with Fresh Prawn Wanton)

We also tried the Ramen with Fresh Prawn Wanton which is a soup noodle dish. Similar to the Ramen with Grandma Dongpo’s Braised Pork, patrons can also choose from the variety of noodles available here; we went for the Original noodles for this item. The noodles were a little doughy and slightly thicker than the usual Chinese La Mian that is usually served outside, though otherwise is pretty smooth and slurpy with considerable bite. We were not a big fan of the broth, however; a little too salty and overwhelming to drink on its own. The prawn wanton did pack a prawn that is of a decent size; considerably fresh with its natural sweetness and carries a good bite.

Overall, our experience at The Legendary Ramen Master was rather decent though nothing much to shout about. The service was decent, though we were a little bummed that they do not seem to serve nor sell tap water (yes, it is not listed on the menu) which we found to be rather strange despite having a list of other beverages, while the food could probably do with a little more tweaking overall though it could be just our own preferences; after all Chinese ramen is not something we have regularly.

The Legendary Ramen Master
Northpoint Shopping Centre
930 Yishun Avenue 2
Singapore 769098

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