jiaksimipng Foodnotes – June 2017

The jiaksimipng Foodnotes series is essentially a monthly review of selected places that we have dined at which are worth a mention but skipped on the blog for various reasons (e.g. personal commitments, lack of coverage for a full-length post etc.). Do check out the JanuaryFebruaryMarch, April and May edition of the jiaksimipng Foodnotes if you have missed them. For the month of June, we have also posted full-length articles for Bistro November, Grand Jete Cafe & Bar, Kogane Yama, Torched x One Man Coffee, Lickety, Lunar Coffee Brewers, HYGGE, Santap, Keong Saik Bakery, Waa Cow! Sushi Bar, Peranakan Flavours, Fifteen Nine Cafe & Bar, Katsudon HanakatsuFive Ten and Licktionary Ice-Cream.

South Union Park‘s weekend breakfast menu

South Union Park is one of our favourite spots to dine at, be it for an occasion or us simply wanting a satisfying meal with a little more cash to spend. They have since launched a new weekend breakfast menu starting from the first weekend of June, serving up scrumptious, comforting breakfast dishes that is nothing short of the quality that they are known for, with the menu available from 9 am to 12 noon. We went for the Baked Eggs; a dish we found pretty substantial in portion and absolutely comforting that starts the day on the right note. The eggs were runny, we clean and evident flavours from the other ingredients such as the roasted peppers, tomatoes and housemade chorizo; smother the mix of ingredients onto the housemade Grilled Country Bread which was crisp yet light and fluffy for maximum enjoyment. While it is a little far to get there especially for those living away from the east, it is definitely a trip worth making for a delicious breakfast treat!

(Read our review of the Baked Eggs via Burpple.)

101 Jalan Kembangan
Singapore 419139

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/southunionpark/

阿呆 Silly’s Western @ Chinatown Complex Market – Closed 

A new Western stall that is started by two hawkerpreneurs, Silly’s Western serves up slightly unconventional Western fare (at least for hawker centre standards) at Chinatown Complex Market — there is an emphasis on healthiness here, with sides such as Quinoa Salad and Purple Mash available to choose from. We went for the Chicken Roulade; chicken breast rolled and stuffed with spinach and cherry tomatoes sous-vide with Purple Mash and Mushroom Medallions served on the side as default (patrons can choose to swap or add on more sides if they wish; the latter comes at an additional cost). Overall the flavours are very clean while the meat is actually pretty tender; not a bad option for a healthier lunch for the office folks in the area without having to resort to salad for lunch.

(Read our review of the Chicken Roulade via Burpple.)

Chinatown Complex Market
335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SillyWesternSG/

Mr Kneady’s @ The Bedok Marketplace

Bread made with love and passion seems to be the thing of the late, with places such as The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough and Firebake opened for business recently. Mr Kneady’s is a stall situated at The Bedok Marketplace, serving up sourdough sandwiches, Smørrebrød as well as sourdough pizzas (only during the evening); they also do retail their own bread in small loaves as well. We have heard good things about their sourdough, but their Smørrebrød was also pretty stellar; going for the Smørrebrød with Salami, Cornichons and Cracked Black Pepper, the Smørrebrød is served using their own Rugbrød that is baked in-house — crusty bread that is soft and moist with a slight hint of char topped with cured meat and zesty pickles, this was a great item to have for a light brunch or even as an item to share at the table.

(Read our review of the Salami, Cornichons & Cracked Black Pepper via Burpple.)

The Bedok Marketplace
348 Bedok Road
Singapore 469560

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mr.kneadys/

Yayoi Special Food Menu @ Gallery & Co. (Item is no longer available)

With Yayoi Kusama, Life In The Heart Of A Rainbow exhibition now going on at National Gallery, Gallery & Co, the museum’s cafeteria is now offering a special menu consisting of an appetiser, main course, dessert and drinks that is inspired by the works of Yayoi Kusama. The most iconic dish on the menu would have to be the Dessert — designed to be an edible replica of one of Yayoi Kusama’s most recognizable works (the polka-dotted pumpkin), the dessert sees elements such as Coconut Mousse, Mango Curd and Cubes, Pumpkin Sponge and Pumpkin Biscuits. Quite a decent dessert to go for, especially for one that is modelled after an actual art piece and certainly worth a try at the very least especially for peeps interested in the artwork of Yayoi Kusama.

(Read our review of the Dessert via Burpple.)

National Gallery Singapore
1 St Andrew’s Road
Singapore 178957

Web Page: http://www.galleryand.co/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GalleryandCo

Cafe Racer – Closed

Yet another watering hole has sprouted up in the East — Cafe Racer is opened by the same folks behind Chu Heng Trading, the motorbike workshop that is situated just right beside Cafe Racer. Offering a couple of alcoholic drinks, Cafe Racer also carries a savoury food menu that works well with the alcohol that they have. The Red Wine Poached Pear was, however, the standout dish for us — the Pear seemed to have absorbed quite a fair bit of the red wine and every morsel comes with a mellow whiff of alcohol that is bound to get one near a state of happy-high, while the poached pear is also really soft and easy to eat.

(Read our review of the Red Wine Poached Pear via Burpple.)

324F Changi Road
Singapore 419799

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sgcaferacer/

怡宝兵如港  Chee Cheong Fun @ Golden Mile Food Centre – Closed

Golden Mile Food Centre seems to be a popular spot for new hawkers to sprout up these days; we have covered Burgs by Project Warung just in last month’s edition of jiaksimipng Foodnotes and here is another entry for the same food centre. Situated just right next to Burgs by Project Warung, this stall churns out Hong Kong-style Chee Cheong Fun that is freshly made to order. Our Fresh Prawn Chee Cheong Fun may be a little pricey at $4.00 a portion, but each morsel comes filled with a full prawn that is all fresh and plump with a bite. The Chee Cheong Fun was also pretty well-executed; slippery smooth and soaks up all that soy sauce for flavour. The chilli was also worth a mention; a flavour that was almost a crossover between a savoury sambal and an Otah coming as one; the chilli was something we found really hard to resist despite how we usually prefer our Chee Cheong Fun without. Possibly one of the best Chee Cheong Fun stalls that we had found in a coffeeshop/hawker centre setting that could match (or even better) than those served up in Chinese restaurants; we see ourselves returning for this one!

(Read our review of the Fresh Prawn Chee Cheong Fun via Burpple.)

Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583

Living Botanica

Ever tried getting Li Ho’s range of Cheese Teas but they are always just unavailable for some reason? Living Botanica is an alternative for that; a stall at Marina Bay Link Mall serving up Macchiato as well as freshly-pressed juices, they do carry their own Cheesiato range which is essentially their version of cheese tea/coffee where they incorporate cream cheese into the milk foam for the cheese foam over the top. We tried their Peach Oolong Cheesiato, which we found to be a rather good pairing; the cheese foam here comes with a light, lingering savoriness that went pretty well with the aromatic tea for a complimenting combination. A good alternative option for cheese tea.

(Read our review of the Peach Oolong Cheesiato via Burpple.)

Marina Bay Link Mall
8 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018981

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/living.botanica.sg/

Char Express @ Timbre+ – Closed

Taking over the former space of Portico Platos at Timbre+ is Char Express; yes, the same Char that serves up brilliant roast meats up at Jalan Besar. While the original branch at Jalan Besar serves up more tzechar-esque fare alongside the roast meats, Char Express at Timbre+ serves up rice bowls and bento sets; something which is more likely to appeal to the office crowd of one-north. We tried the The Works: Char Siew, which is one of the bento set options. Other meat options for the bento set include Roast Pork and Soya Sauce Chicken, while addons such as Prawn Omelette, Dou Fu Dried Scallops and Fish Skin with Sweet Chili can be included at an extra cost; The Works would come with all of the addons mentioned at a flat price of $8.50 (excluding Timbre+’s mandatory $1 tray return deposit that is to be collected upon return of the utensils at the tray return point). Overall, Char Express managed to achieve quite a consistent quality to that of what Char is known for; the Char Siew comes with a good mix of fatty and lean parts which both provided a bite as well as a melt-in-the-mouth texture while being drenched in a sticky and sweet Char Siew sauce for flavour. The Prawn Omelette was decent at best, though the Dou Fu Dried Scallops and Blanched Vegetables were pretty tasty; the Fish Skin with Sweet Chili came relatively crisp while not overly salty, though the sweet chili seemed to be non-existent for our order. That being said, Char Express seems to provide patrons with wholesome meals with a little bit of everything; a good (and also more affordable) location to try out if one has yet to try out Char at their main branch at Jalan Besar.

(Read our review of The Works: Char Siew via Burpple.)

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139957

Loco Loco @ Northpoint – Closed

Operating as a pop-up stall at pasar malams and at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar for the past couple of years, Loco Loco has finally opened their first permanent shop space at Northpoint, serving up their signature Churros as well as Scotch Eggs at a small takeaway kiosk at the basement of the mall. We tried the Ondeh Ondeh Churros which were essentially pandan-infused Churro bites with desiccated coconut over the top; we also opted for the Gula Melaka dip amongst the wide range of dips available; the Churros were crisp without being too mushy on the inside; perfumes of a light hint of Pandan flavour while the sweetness from the Gula Melaka dip helped to replicate the flavours of Ondeh Ondeh in Churro form. So, who says the North is not happening now?

(Read our review of the Ondeh Ondeh Churros via Burpple.)

Northpoint City
930 Yishun Avenue 2
Singapore 769098

ChikuwaTei Nishi – Closed

Brought by the same folks behind the Yoi Group which run F&B establishments such as Manzoku and ChikuwaTei, ChikuwaTei Nishi is their newest concept taking over the spot formerly occupied by Coffee Club with a pop-art theme that houses two concepts under one roof; the first story is a self-service, almost fast food-esque environment which serves up quick and basic Japanese fare for both dine-in and takeaways, while the second level is the main restaurant that serves up two menus; one consisting of hot items (i.e. Donburi, Small Plates and Small Bites) and the other consisting of cold items (i.e. Maki, Sashimi, Sushi etc.). We tried several items from the main restaurant up on the second level; while the Kurobuta Donburi from the “Hot” menu was a little bit basic (though the grilled meat was actually rather flavourful and delicious), we were actually more impressed with the Mentai Salmon Aburi from the Maki section of the “Cold” menu; something which could hardly go wrong especially with the melt-in-the-mouth torched salmon as well as the umami Mentaiko that is drizzled over and flame torched as well. A decent spot to consider when at Holland Village.

(Read our review of the Mentai Salmon Aburi, Kurobuta Don and Crispy Yuzu Ebi via Burpple.)

48 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277699

XOXO Burger at 25 Degrees Singapore (Item is no longer available)

Only available for a limited time only from the time of writing till August 2017, the XOXO Burger is co-created by 25 Degrees Singapore in collaboration with Masterchef Asia alumnus Lennard Yeong (@lennardy). Do not expect the XOXO Burger to be your usual burger; the burger comes with quite a twist with the creativity of the people behind the creation using elements such as Dried Shrimp, Scallop and Bacon Patty, Turkey Patty, Kaffir Lime Mayonnaise and a house-made XO sauce in between two buttered and toasted buns.  The burger would work well for those who prefer something with bolder flavours; the Dried Shrimp, Scallop and Bacon Patty, despite being stacked right atop the Turkey Patty actually create a dimension of textures that gave a contrast with the former being slightly softer and reinforcing the firmness of the latter. The elements come together to form an umami, savoury yet refreshing, zesty flavour amidst the creaminess of the mayonnaise; a pretty well-rounded burger in terms of both texture and flavour overall. At $14, this is a rather affordable and well-executed burger that one should try at least once.

(Read our review of the XOXO Burger via Burpple.)

Hotel G Singapore
200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

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