jiaksimipng Foodnotes – August 2017

The jiaksimipng Foodnotes series is essentially a monthly review of selected places that we have dined at which are worth a mention but skipped on the blog for various reasons (e.g. personal commitments, lack of coverage for a full-length post etc.). Do check out the JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay, June and July edition of the jiaksimipng Foodnotes if you have missed them. For the month of July, we have also posted full-length articles for The Legendary Ramen Master, Drury Lane Specialty Coffee at Neuros, Biopolis, .elia, Kori King, 1KS, Parallel, Just Because Creamery and 13 Stages.

(Do note that we only include places that we have made anonymous visits to and paid for our meals in the jiaksimipng Foodnotes series.)

Menu revamp at The Masses

Ever since its inception, The Masses had become one of the few places we enjoy eating at; so much so we had already found ourselves constantly revisiting the place to try out the other items on the menu that we had missed out during our first visit there. While the current revamp is not a major change, The Masses had introduced a couple of new items into their menu; one of the more prominent items would be The Masses Ramen, an item that is only available in limited portions daily. The Masses Ramen itself is something remotely similar for those who had tried the Beauty Noodles created for Timbre+ Open Stove 2017 by The Masses and Fishball Story; smooth and creamy chicken collagen soup with slippery noodles which were smooth and slurpy whilst being soft to bite; all that with an oozy Ajitsuke Tamago, clams, seaweed and a slab of smoky and tender charred pork belly.  While not being quite Japanese, it comes as a refreshing take on ramen by the team behind The Masses which seemed to pull it off really well. Other new dishes include the Pan-seared Barramundi, a safer option for those who prefer to go for something lighter; still pretty delicious overall with the lightly savoury clam jus while the fish comes with a crisp skin over the top and flaky flesh. We also tried the two new desserts on the menu; Not Your Average Cheesecake and Frozen Lemon Curd. The former was something more unconventional and daring with lots of Horlicks elements while the latter would suit well for those who love their zesty desserts. Probably another reason for those who had been wanting to revisit to do so soon!

(Read our review of The Masses Ramen, Pan-seared Barramundi, Frozen Lemon Curd and Not Your Average Cheese Cake via Burpple.)

85 Beach Road
Singapore 189694

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/themassessg/

Gyu Nami @ Amoy Street Food Centre

Amoy Street Food Centre had seen quite a number of hipster hawker stalls open up during the past few years, especially given its ideal location in the heart of the Central Business District where office folks often drop by for lunch. Gyu Nami only offers a single item on the menu; the Wagyu Roast Beef Don that comes with a mountain of roast beef atop rice and a sous-vide egg over the top which only costs $10. Priced at only a fraction of what other places do, the Wagyu Roast Beef Don gives a lot of bang for your buck; the pieces were pretty tender and do not require much chew, while the sour cream provided does help to cut the meatiness in between; mix up the sous-vide egg into the entire bowl to give the dish a silkier touch. While it could have done with a little more seasoning for more flavour, it is hard to deny that Gyu Nami delivers a pretty quality Wagyu Roast Beef Don at a good price; sure, office folks might not necessarily go for this everyday, but it certainly works as an affordable option for those looking for something to treat themselves for the mid-week mood boost.

(Read our review of the Wagyu Roast Beef Don via Burpple.)

Amoy Street Food Centre
7 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069111

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gyunamisg/

M Seven Cafe – Closed

PoMo had recently seen a switch up of its previous tenants, and M Seven Cafe is one of the new cafes which had moved into the building. Having opened for only a short while, M Seven Cafe had already seen a slight menu revamp; the current menu serves quite a wide variety of food, with all-day breakfast, burgers, and pasta having a spot on the menu.  We tried their Tom Yum Seafood Pasta; spaghetti tossed in a tangy Tom Yum sauce that is not laden with cream and comes with clams and prawns which we found to be pretty serviceable and would work well with their target crowd. What impressed us more was the Flat White; a very well-pulled cup with a nutty flavour profile; creamy and smooth. A spot that would work well with the students and office workers in the area for an affordable meal in the Selegie area.

(Read our review of the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta and Flat White via Burpple.)

1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/msevencafe/

Lady M at Scotts Square; outlet-exclusive Rose Mille Crepe

It had been a while since Lady M landed on our shores, and they seemed to be slowly expanding the brand into different areas in town ever since. The latest outlet at Scotts Square is probably one of our favourite branches of Lady M till date; high ceilings, well-spaced and comfy furniture and a grey colour scheme makes this new space look absolutely plush and elegant without being overly pretentious, making it a very ideal spot for the ladies to enjoy a leisurely slice of cake along with a cup of tea or coffee on the side for the weekend afternoon catch-up with friends. Only available in this outlet, the Rose Mille Crepe is yet another variant of their famed Mille Crepes that sees rose-infused pastry cream in between the intricately stacked layers of crepes; we thought the rose-infused pastry cream was a little bit weak, with the rose infusion being rather hard to detect. That being said, the floral aroma does pull through when one slices the cake all the way through from the top; a light and dainty treat that is bound to satiate the ladies.

(Read our review of the Rose Mille Crepe via Burpple.)

Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
Singapore 228209

Web Page: http://www.ladym.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Lady-M-Singapore-1372723552765228/

Fat Belly X Sugarhaus

Having been closed for renovations for quite a while, Sugarhaus is now back in business, with an extended kitchen area and the back of the shop now being home to Fat Belly, a new diner concept that serves up beef dishes, a few sides and a small menu of plated desserts. We tried the Flat Iron Steak, which we found to absolutely tender and juicy; cut against the grain and thus easy to chew. The Flat Iron Steak comes with chimichurri sauce and garden salad; the former adding a pesto-like flavour that cuts through the meatiness of the steak though the latter was rather serviceable. We also went for the Jade; the plated dessert was however more like a combination of an entremet cake served with ice-cream on the side involving Pistachio, Strawberry Jelly, Bavarian Cream, Meringue though.

(Read our review of the Flat Iron Steak and Jade via Burpple.)

Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
Singapore 258748

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sugarhaus

Baby Moo Creamery – Closed

Baby Moo Creamery takes over the former premises of Little Prince Creamery at Toa Payoh (not the Jalan Besar branch that existed before the Toa Payoh branch), serving up waffles and ice-creams in both cups and cones to the residents around the area. The interior now looks slightly more bare, but the vibes of Baby Moo Creamery somewhat reminds us of the first outlet of Merely Ice-Cream at Sunshine Plaza in the past especially with the use of pellet tables within the shop. The flavours of ice-cream offered at Baby Moo Creamery during the time of our visit are pretty much on the safer side; we went for the D24 Durian and Chendol flavours. The former is extremely pungent and would hit very well with durian lovers; while lacking the fibrous flesh of the fruit within the ice-cream, the flavours of durian is undeniably strong and almost akin to having a smoother, creamier and cold version of the fruit itself. The Chendol carried notes of Gula Melaka; pretty reminiscent to the actual Chendol though lacks palm seeds but does come with a light hint of sweetness. That being said, the pandan jelly comes pretty icy; a common problem with this flavour at other places as well due to the pandan jelly being mixed with the ice-cream and stored in the display chiller for a prolonged period of time.

(Read our review of the Chendol + D24 Durian Ice-Cream via Burpple.)

Blk 47 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310047

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/babymoocreamery/

New offerings at Patisserie G

Patisserie G had recently hired a new executive pastry chef and released a few new items to their range of pastries and sweet treats. Part of the new range includes the Chocolate Tart;  a simple tart that involves elements such as Chocolate sugar-dough, Dark Chocolate Creme and Chocolate Crumble which was also extremely decadent and indulgent. Think a thick and rich chocolate ganache that is easy on the throat, while the chocolate crumbles help to add a crunch, giving the tart yet another dimension in terms of texture. While we are not ones who are easily taken by chocolate-based desserts, this was a clear winner the moment we had our first morsel!

(Read our review of the Chocolate Tart via Burpple.)

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way
Singapore 068815

Web Page: http://patisserieg.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PatisserieG/

Fujiyama Dragon Curry – Closed

Yet another brand specialising in Japanese curry sprouts up in town, this time round situated at a rather prominent location along Tanjong Pagar Road occupying the corner of Orchid Hotel facing the main road. What sets Fujiyama Dragon Curry apart from the other Japanese curry shops is that each table comes with a jug of Paitan soup that patrons can help themselves with; patrons are encouraged to pour the Paitan soup into the remaining curry near the end of the meal to savor a different taste to their Japanese curry. We ordered the Garlic Pork Belly Curry; patrons are able to customise their bowl of Japanese curry by opting for spicy/non-spicy versions of their Japanese curry, opt for add-ons or go for extra portions of other ingredients. While the bowls are pretty much on the large size, we found the portion pretty well-sized for one. Overall, we found the Garlic Pork Belly Curry pretty decent; the curry actually carries a hint of sweetness though the spiciness felt more on the peppery side.  The garlic pork belly slices were less garlicky than what we had expected, but sliced pretty thinly; the bowl also comes with other condiments such as minced pork, spring onions (which could be opted out of) and a sous-vide egg. We tried adding the Paitan soup, though we did not notice any significant difference in the taste of the curry overall; perhaps we just needed to pour in more of it. Still, a pretty decent eat if around the Tanjong Pagar area.

(Read our review of the Garlic Pork Belly Curry via Burpple.)

Orchid Hotel
1 Tras Link
Singapore 078867

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fujiyamadragon.sg/

Merely Ice Cream‘s second outlet at Our Tampines Hub

We had been visiting Merely Ice Cream at their Sunshine Plaza outlet for years (we really liked how creative they are with their ice-cream), so we were pretty excited when we heard that they are finally expanding their operations with a second branch opening at Our Tampines Hub.  While their new branch may be smaller than the original, the outlet at Our Tampines Hub still has counter seating for those who intend to dine-in. We visited the new branch during their soft launch period; the menu was restricted to only ice-cream served in cups or cones as the waffle machine was still not ready. Going for our usual order, the Oreo Milk does not disappoint; essentially almost like the ice-cream version of the Oreo Crush drink that bubble tea shops used to carry, the ice-cream is smooth and creamy, carrying heavier notes of Oreo as compared to the usual cookies and cream flavours yet still carrying crumbs of Oreo to chew on. An opening that Tampines residents should be excited about.

(Read our review of the Oreo Milk via Burpple.)

Our Tampines Hub
51 Tampines Avenue 4
Singapore 529684

Web Page: http://www.merely.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Merely.Ice.Cream/


Scorch 一把火 – Closed

This new mom-and-pop stall at Clifford Centre might look unassuming on first sight, especially given the rather functional decor that is kept to the minimum, but it is a hidden gem waiting to be found. The stall seems to put a lot of emphasis on their Nasi Lemak offerings (which we are looking forward to trying some day), but they serve up a pretty mean bowl of Braised Meat Rice that is probably one of the best around (we found it pretty on par with Eat 3 Bowls at Seah Im Food Centre). Think saucey, tender and melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked braised pork belly that is all sorts of savoury that is drenched atop Japanese rice; the pickled cucumbers carrying just the right level of tanginess to cut through the meatiness. While we opted for the $3 portion which is the smaller of the two available, one can also order a more substantial option at $6 with additional meat at $1 extra. A place that we would gladly revisit again to get our Braised Meat Rice cravings sorted out!

(Read our review of the Braised Meat Rice via Burpple.)

Clifford Centre
24 Raffles Place
Singapore 048621

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Scorchythedino/

Tokyo Joe – Closed

Kent Ridge is seemingly starting to get very happening especially with more tenants that had moved into the premises of Savourworld. Tokyo Joe is a new Japanese eatery in Savourworld that serves up Donburis during lunch hours while serving up Sumiyaki and Yakitori along with sake and other types of Japanese alcohol for dinner. We visited Tokyo Joe during lunch and found ourselves going for the Truffled Gyudon; one which we found to be decent but certainly had some room for improvement. We did enjoy the savoury slices of beef that did not carry any gaminess, stir-fried with caramelized onions, mushroom, and chili padi; all of which gave it a slightly sweet and earthy, yet savoury taste with a kick of spiciness that despite being not quite Japanese, pretty much carried a punch. That being said, we thought the truffle was mainly concentrated at a certain part of the dish, causing the entire bowl to lack truffle flavour around most parts of the bowl while the rice also lacked the stickiness and fluffiness of short grain rice that is typically used in Japanese donburi overall. Still, this could be pretty good, especially if the folks at Tokyo Joe is able to improvise on the recipe further; somewhere for office workers and students to look out for as they improve over time.

(Read our review of the Truffled Gyudon via Burpple.)

Savourworld @ Ascent
2 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118222

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tokyojoesg/

Randy Indulgence

Office workers around the Central Business District rejoice, as a new takeaway stall specialising in Acai Bowls and Cereal Bowls opens at Tanjong Pagar Centre. Seemingly targeting office folks looking for a hearty and healthy treat near the office, Randy Indulgence offers a wide variety of cereals alongside two types of Acai Bowls; those who are looking for a dessert option can also opt for their freshly whipped cereal fruit ice-cream as well. The Acai Bowls are available in two types of portion sizes; the smaller sized portion is named the Diet Size, while the larger sized portion is named the Happy Size. We went for the Protein Bowl in the Happy Size portion; the Protein Bowl comes with elements such as Acai, Granola, Banana, Almond, Walnut, Almond Slices, Chia Seed Pudding and Honey. The entire mix of ingredients do help to add texture to the acai bowl, especially with the granola and nuts that help contribute to the crunchiness; the Acai smoothie is also pretty smooth and consistent without being icy or too bland. We actually liked how the Protein Bowl was also not excessively sweet; it is adequately sweetened from the drizzle of honey which did not try to overwhelm the entire bowl. Quite the place for good Acai smoothies especially for those who work in the area.

(Read our review of the Protein Bowl via Burpple.)

Tanjong Pagar Centre
7 Wallich Street
Singapore 0788884

Web Page: http://www.randyindulgence.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Randy-Indulgence-879128645571668/

UpsideDown Coffee

Tucked away in the lift lobby that leads to the offices at 115 Amoy Street (in between Bochinche and Birds of a Feather) is a new takeaway coffee kiosk named UpsideDown Coffee. The set-up is relatively simple, but the takeaway kiosk serves up quite a variety of beverages from the regular espresso-based coffee to more elaborate items such as hand brews and filter coffee as well as tea (their Chai is homemade), bottled cold brews, and bottled Thai Milk Tea. We went for our usual order; the Flat White being pulled from their own house blend named Topsy Turvy and comprises of 70% Ethiopian beans and 30% Indonesian beans. The result is a rather balanced cuppa with a nutty flavour profile that works well as a morning perk-me-up or even for the mid-day cuppa. A good place for office folks around the area to grab a quick cup of coffee.

(Read our review of the Flat White via Burpple.)

115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935

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