Gather The Misfits – Rangoon Road

Taking over the former premises of now-defunct C Plus at Rangoon Road is Gather The Misfits; a cafe that is intended to also house a retail space under the same roof.

Situated along the same row of shophouses as Mrs Pho House and is located just opposite Non-Entree Desserts, Gather The Misfits is a pretty well-sized cafe that also runs a bar and bites concept in the evening. Using much of the renovations done by previous tenants to the space, Gather The Misfits features a pretty cozy interior that is decked in wood furnishings and fittings, with various areas being decked with platforms for a look that is unique from other cafes — one of the features that had stayed throughout its many changes of tenants. The vast use of neon lights help to create an eclectic look to the space, while messages of empowerment filled up the space in the form of framed pictures and neon lights — the feature wall within the main dining hall also featuring a panel with the moon and a starry night lit with lights; perhaps the centerpiece of the entire dining hall. Offering patrons just light bites during the afternoon with a wide variety of beverages, toasties make up quite a bit of Gather The Misfits’s cafe menu, alongside a few baked available at the display shelf at the counter as well as waffles and ice-cream being an option for desserts. Beverages include specialty coffee brewed using a blend roasted by Prodigal Cafe, tea, soda, and chocolate.

(Smoked Fish with Bonito Cream Toastie)

Giving their toasties a try, we went for the Smoked Fish with Bonito Cream Toastie; served in between two slices of bread, all toasties also comes served with a garden salad on the side. Sinking our teeth into the toastie, the bread was well-toasted; crusted on the exterior whilst being light and not particularly dense. In between, the smoked fish, served cooked, carried a flaky texture — pretty fresh whilst carrying a light hint of savouriness whilst well complimented with the light umami notes of the Bonito Cream which gave a creamy texture to bind the bread and the smoked fish altogether. The garden salad was also tossed in a Goma dressing to provide a roasty, nutty aroma that perfumes through the greens. An item which would work well for those who prefer lighter-tasting items; still flavorful, but easy to have.

(Prosciutto with Black Garlic Mayo Toastie)

In contrast to the Smoked Fish with Bonito Cream Toastie, the Prosciutto with Black Garlic Mayo Toastie is something meant for those who prefer heavier flavours overall. Coming with the same toasted bread and garden salad as the Smoked Fish with Bonito Cream Toastie, the cured flavours of the Prosciutto ham used helped to give the Toastie some saltishness whilst the black garlic mayo carries a garlicky note that strikes a balance with the saltiness, while giving the toastie a creaminess that binds the Prosciutto and bread together.

(Flat White)

Going for the usual cuppa, the Flat White here is brewed using a blend of beans roasted by Prodigal Cafe, as mentioned earlier. The Flat White here is medium-bodied, carrying a fruity body with a clean, earthy finish — pretty well-pulled considering how smooth and creamy the cuppa was whilst being well-balanced. Something which would work well as a mid-day perk-me-up.

Having tried a number of items that Gather The Misfits have to offer, the food served at Gather The Misfits are pretty comforting yet simple — not only do they work as great items for a light bite to go with the cuppa, the use of lesser seen combinations of ingredients does help to invoke some character into what they have to offer. That being said, the menu felt very much on the limited side; perhaps giving patrons a choice more than just toasties would help to bring in more crowds who may be looking for something more substantial. That being said, with well-pulled cuppas and thoughtfully designed toasties, Gather The Misfits would certainly work well as a hideout away from the crowds; a quiet and spacious cafe to keep one away from the hustle and bustle of town, whilst also offering patrons a great environment for catch ups, studying or even getting some work done — perhaps even a destination for a lazy afternoon out to recharge on a weekend.

Gather The Misfits
217 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218457

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