Non Entree Desserts – Rangoon Road

Rangoon Road seem to be a hot spot with cafe operators of the late, especially with new players such as Brunches Cafe, Ice Box Cafe and Teng Tea Dessert Cafe opening in the neighbourhood.

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Non Entree Desseerts takes the same exact address of the now-defunct Woodshed, situated at the far end of Rangoon Road away from the main stretch of cafes. As the name suggests, Non Entree Desserts serves no mains; the menu features a huge selection of plated desserts with a few cakes available in the display fridge, as well as ice-cream and waffles for the less adventurous.

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Tropicana is a plated dessert that features Coconut Mousse, Coconut Crisps, Pineapple Chutney, Meringue, Passionfruit Coulis and Mascarpone Lime Sorbet. A dessert crafted using tropical fruits, it carries flavours and a character that is rather true to its name. Styled to look like a cheesecake, the coconut mousse was light, refreshing and smooth, well accompanied with the sweet and chunky Pineapple Chutney and the tart flavours of the passionfruit coulis. Mascarpone Lime sorbet adds a zingy touch; something which I loved and even found addictive. A good play of flavours that definitely works on a hot day.

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(Rubber Ducky)

Perhaps the most creative dessert served here in my opinion would be the Rubber Ducky. Coming in its cute and innocent form, it is presented as though the rubber duck is taking a bath soaked with soap in a bath tub. The rubber duck is made of Frozen Exotic Cocktail, while the foam was Lemongrass Espuma, with the “bathtub” filled with sago and Creme Fraiche pudding within. This felt very much like a mango-based dessert overall; mango puree felt fresh, bursting with sweetness, while the sago gives the dessert a little chewing sensation. Beneath, the Creme Fraiche pudding acts as a neutralising flavour; the egginess of the pudding was able to cut through the tart and sweet flavours of the dessert which balances out for a nice finishing note.

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(Drunken Babe)

We have also tried the Drunken Babe, a chocolate-centric dessert that features Walnut Brownie, Whiskey-infused Milk Chocolate Whip, Bacon Crisps on Chocolate Paper, Caramel Popcorn and Raspberry Sorbet. This was in fact a complete opposite of the innocent and cutesy Rubber Ducky; the alcohol infusion was not only evident, it isn’t shy of it. The walnut brownie was decent, coming with a good amount of walnuts for the crunch but the whiskey was strong in the milk chocolate whip; bittersweet with an amount of alcohol that is able to send one up to cloud nine. The Bacon Crisps on Chocolate Paper were equally interesting, providing a savoury cured meat flavour with a hint of cocoa in its ending note. Raspberry Sorbet was a right balance of sweet and tart flavours which gave a contrast to the chocolatey feel of this dessert.

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(Pistachio Raspberry)

Apart from the plated desserts, Non Entree Desserts also do dainty and pretty cakes; the Pistachio Raspberry might not be as intricate as its other counterparts but still was a rather adventurous flavour combination that somehow works. The pistachio cake was immensely nutty, moist yet not overly dense, while layered out with tart and sweet with raspberry flavours in between. A pretty unique flavour not meant for everybody, but it is worth a try.

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Plated desserts seem to have caught on as a trend in Singapore, and it is most probably due to Instagram that such a trend may be able to exist as people these days not only look out for delicious food, but also food that is aesthetically pretty. Non Entree Desserts hits the spot when it comes to both factors; their desserts are pretty creative, looks pretty and most importantly, tastes as good as they look. Would really look forward to more of their creations hopefully in time to come. For the sweet-tooths out there, this is a spot not to be missed if you are looking for good, deconstructed desserts at more affordable rates without having to go for a fine dining establishment to enjoy them.

Non Entree Desserts
204 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218451

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