FlagWhite – Jalan Jurong Kechil

Bukit Timah had seen quite a few changes when it comes to the cafe scene of the late, with Necessary Provisions having moved out of the neighbourhood along with some other notable names in the Beauty World area.

Taking over the former premises of Krave West along Jalan Jurong Kechil located opposite the Toh Yi Drive neighbourhood, FlagwWite is the latest entrant to the cafe scene in the Beauty World area. Situated just right beside Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant, the cafe occupies a mid-sized space that is decked in a part minimalist, part industrial decor theme that sees the use of wooden elements as well as greenery that brings the cafe closer to nature. The interior design does resemble that of Five Oars Coffee Roasters; half grey and half white painted walls, built-in shelves meant to stock up on items for retail purposes and concrete floors, all familiar elements overall. Having officially launched on the week that we had made our visit, FlagWhite serves up light bites, DIY brunch plates, mains, salads, and house-made desserts/cakes. Being a cafe serving up specialty coffee, FlagWhite brews their cuppas using beans roasted by Quarter Life Coffee Roasters; a local micro-roastery that also supplies to establishments like The Moon, as well as other beverages such as single-origin hot chocolate, teas, smoothies and shakes as well.

(Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings)

Settling for an item to share at the table, our choice was the Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings. Coming in a serving of six mid-wings, the wings were well-executed and addictive; the mid-wings were immensely flavourful, being well-marinated whilst also being well-fried. Coated in a crisp, golden brown batter, the mid-wings were no doubt juicy and tender, while being topped off with shaved parmesan over the top for a slight cheesiness that helps to enhance the flavours of the mid-wings further. While many other cafes also serve similar items, the ones served at FlagWhite were pretty delicious, considering how we polished these off in no time.

(Chicken Parmigiana)

Going for their mains, one of the mains that we have had was the Chicken Parmigiana. A classic dish often served in western food establishments, the Chicken Parmigiana here comes with elements such as tomato concasse, sauteed mushroom and a mix of Gouda and Mozzarella cheese all topped above breaded chicken. While most other Chicken Parmigiana dishes are usually flat-tasting, the Chicken Parmigiana here at FlagWhite was nothing boring; no doubt it does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, but the stretchy and gooey melted cheese, slight tanginess of the tomato concasse and the earthiness of the sauteed mushrooms were a perfect combination of flavours when paired with the tender and succulent slab of chicken beneath. Coming with garden salad and fries on the side, the fries were crisp and well-seasoned without being particularly salty; a dish that’s no-frills, easy to understand and satiating without being particularly over-the-top, whilst being well-executed.

(Flagwhite Burger)

We also went for the Flagwhite Burger; their signature burger which comes with a sunny-side-up, streaky bacon, cheddar, beetroot, onion crisp, BBQ aioli and beef patty (served in a default level of doneness) in between two buns. The beef patty was decent; no doubt it does lack the crumbliness of hand-made burger patties, but it does carry a firm, meaty bite without carrying a gamey flavour, while the cheddar and streaky bacon helps to enhance the flavours of the patty further with the latter helping to add a smoky, yet savoury flavour whilst carrying crispness, adding to the textural aspect of the dish. The other elements such as beetroot provides a juicy bite, whilst adding a soft crunch and a slight hint of sweetness to cut through the meatiness, while the onion crisps add even more texture to the burger. The buns were light and soft; all that without being particularly dense, making the burger rather easy to eat despite its size. Coming with fries on the side, the fries were somewhat identical to the ones served with the Chicken Parmigiana; crisp and well-seasoned without being particularly salty. Whilst most burgers from cafes felt as though they are lacking in a certain aspect, the Flagwhite Burger was one which we seemingly enjoyed, especially considering the how well-played the textures and flavours were.

(Sweet Pleasure)

Noting that the pastries and cakes were homemade, we opted for the Sweet Pleasure, which features elements such as Hazelnut Dacquoise, Crispy Praline, and Milk Chocolate Chantilly. A pretty predictable combination of elements, the Sweet Pleasure was almost akin to a reconstructed Ferrero Rocher with its aptly sweet chocolatey notes from the milk chocolate and the hazelnut, whilst texturally replicating through the smooth and creamy mousse layers and a crunchy base provided by the Hazelnut Dacquoise at the bottom. A dessert that would work well with chocolate lovers.


Ordering our standard cup of coffee, we opted for the White, which was brewed using single origin beans from Myanmar roasted by Quarter Life Coffee Roasters. The cuppa was well-pulled, with the White being smooth and creamy, while carrying a light body and an earthy and nutty flavour profile which was pretty soothing to have.

Being a new entrant to the cafe scene, FlagWhite seems to be off a good start. Offering patrons pretty safe choices on their food menu, the items were in no way boring, carrying little surprises in its execution; a wise move as compared to other cafes which sometimes end up dabbling into rather abstract dishes and being unnecessarily complicated and fussy with fusion elements. The food is no doubt comforting, while the coffee is well-pulled; pretty faultless despite themselves being only officially opened on the very week that we had visited. While the Bukit Timah neighbourhood is saturated with other third-wave specialty coffee joints such as Atlas Coffeehouse, Rise & Grind Coffee Co. and Carpenter & Cook; all of which pretty established names in the business now, FlagWhiteis a great addition to the neighbourhood, providing folks in the area a great option to consider for cafe fare. A place that is worth a visit at least once, we would probably be back for more, considering the quality and reasonable price point with its minimalist vibes; something a cafe should be like without the blaring loudness and the crowds of those in town.

106 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Singapore 598064

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FlagWhite-1919364824824863/


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