Carpenter and Cook – Lorong Kilat

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Located in a currently not-so-secretive spot of Bukit Timah, Carpenter and Cook was once the talk of the town when it first opened during my years of tertiary education, probably due to the proximity from my school to the cafe itself, which makes for a good chill spot for after hours. Despite being so, I had only visited the cafe for only once and had not tried any of their specialties, which was why it was sitting in my to-visit list for quite some time. Probably it had been too long, and with the gradual opening of newer cafes, I was only reminded to make a second visit when they had officially announced the opening of their new takeaway outlet at Jasmine Road.

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(Lemon Tart)

The Passionfruit Tart might be one of their most raved desserts, but we got the Lemon Tart to suit our not-so-adventurous tastebuds. For those who loves a tinge of sweetness in their tarts, this may be a tad sour for its lack of meringue. I loved the tangy flavour however, which was pretty tart yet refreshing at the same time. The tart base was firm to hold its structure but not too hard to cut at the same time.

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(Banoffee Tart)

I don’t remember seeing the Banoffee Tart in my previous visit, so probably this is one of their more recent creations. The top of the tart was a cream layer with cocoa powder coated on the top, while nearing the base was the caramalised bananas and toffee. The bottom was sweet, while the top had a rather neutral flavour. We were not sure if the cream was supposed to even out the sweetness from underneath, but the taste just did not seem to come together nicely.

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(Lavender Bundt Cake)

Having tried two tarts, we decided to get a Lavender Bundt Cake. While a Bundt Cake was supposed to be similar to a pound cake in terms of texture, this was slightly too moist and clumpy that it felt rather similar to a muffin instead. The taste however was a saving factor as it was light and aromatic, therefore creating a flavour that one would not get sick of so easily.

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(Flat White)

The Flat White was rather decent, with a earthy aroma at the end. Definitely suits the tastebuds for those who dislike acidic-tasting blends.

While the food here is generally fine, there was a certain factor that was lacking to make one feel like coming back again. The cafe also had a rather cold atmosphere, despite being prompt in their service and doing what they are supposed to do. Probably what needs to be improved on would be on the personality of the cafe; there are many other cafes that do serve decent food around, but the differentiating factor lies in the sincerity. I am not saying that Carpenter & Cook lacks the sincerity, however more could be done to display a greater degree of sincerity to its patrons in order for them to come back again.

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598120

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