Kori King – The Cathay (Closed)

(Kori King had since ceased operations.)

Yet another new place for Kakigori had sprouted up in town, situated just a few units away from Matchaya that serves up the same dessert as well.

Kori King shares its space with Saladstop at The Cathay. Being primarily meant for takeaways, patrons can still choose to dine-in if they wish at the shared seating area of both eateries. As the name suggests, Kori King’s main focus is their Kakigori offerings which are available in various flavours; some of which rather locally-inspired such as the Gula Melaka Kakigori. They do have quite a list of add-ons available, and it is also noted that the Kakigori here is also relatively affordable — a basic version costs $5.90 with no additional toppings. Aside from Kakigori, Kori King also sells a variety of Dorayaki with different fillings which work well as a light and quick grab-and-go snack.

(Black Sesame Kakigori)

Being black sesame lovers, we went straight for the Black Sesame Kakigori which carried a roasty flavour from the black sesame. The ice was also drenched with milk, while notably lighter and fluffier than the Korean Bingsu or the local Ice Kachang though also a tad inconsistent with rougher bits at certain corners. Every bowl of Kakigori also seemingly came with a few Mochi balls by default that gave a chew to the entire dessert.

(Sour Plum Kakigori)

The Sour Plum Kakigori is similar to the Black Sesame Kakigori with a change of sauce — we did feel that the sour plum sauce was a little on the sweet side; a little straying towards something near to a strawberry sauce somehow. Otherwise, the elements and textures in the Sour Plum Kakigori remain pretty much the same with the Black Sesame Kakigori.

(Matcha Dorayaki)

We also tried the Matcha Doriyaki, which comes with quite a generous portion of Matcha cream and Azuki beans. The slight bitter aroma of the former went well with the sweetness of the latter, coming in between the fragrant pancakes.

Having exposed to Kakigori the very first time here, we are still not quite sure what to expect out of the dessert — after all, Kakigori is still a rather new idea to Singaporeans in general. That being said, we definitely did not find the Kakigori at Kori King life changing; something that might also be attributed to its affordable pricing — it was a good respite from the heat being a cold dessert but the ones served here is an iteration that we do not see ourselves coming back again given for its lack of creating an impression. It would certainly be interesting to see more of such concepts sprouting up in Singapore however, for there seems to be a void waiting to be filled for a reasonably-priced Kakigori of a decent quality in the local market. Or would that just simply be a dream on the part of the average consumer?

Kori King
The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

Web Page: https://www.koriking.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/korikingsg/


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