Drury Lane Specialty Coffee – Neuros, Biopolis (Rebranded)

(Drury Lane Specialty Coffee’s branch at Neuros, Biopolis had since been rebranded as Little Big Coffee Roasters)

Drury Lane is a name that should be pretty familiar with the cafe hopping folks for a while, considering it had been some time since its inception at 94 Tanjong Pagar Road a couple of years ago.

The Drury Lane brand had since expanded quite a bit, and they are currently operating three branches around the island (the second being Merriment at Jurong East) with this branch at Neuros, Biopolis being the latest outlet opened months ago. Occupying the space previously belonging to Gorilla Press, the decor had been kept minimal here — simple, yet industrial; from the white walls, extensive use of natural lighting throughout the large windows and the metallic furniture, the interior is bright, modern and welcoming. The food menu had been kept relatively simple here, with most items being toasts with spreads or other condiments though there are also cakes and cookies available. Being a brand with a focus on speciality coffee, they carry an extensive list of beans for filter coffee, as well as a choice of two blends for espresso-based coffee. It is noted that the prices are pretty wallet-friendly here, with the most pricey food item priced at $10 while the highest priced coffee is marked at $5.50.

(Eggs Royale)

Skimming through the short menu of hot food available, we ended up with the Eggs Royale which comprised of smoked salmon, poached eggs and spinach atop toast and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. A classic that does not go wrong, the Eggs Royale is bound to satisfy here with its comforting combination that is well-executed; from the perfectly poached eggs with oozy yolk that is so ever ready to flow with a poke from the fork, the savoury slices of smoked salmon which they seemed to be rather generous with and the creamy hollandaise, it was the ideal brunch package here. The only gripe which we had with the dish was the toast; sure, we did enjoy the bread for the most part which was light, fluffy and comes with a bit of tension for some bite — we found the crust a little too stiff for it seemingly wrestled hard with the cutlery when we tried to slice it apart. That being said, it is certainly a value-for-money deal that gives quite a bit of bang for the buck at $10; a price which is hard to get in cafes elsewhere for a similar item.

(Lemon Cake)

During our earlier visit, we tried the Lemon Cake, which was the only Cake that was available. While the cake was fluffy and carried a refreshingly zesty flavour from the citrusy notes of lemon, the cake was a wee bit dense for our liking, though we were more concerned with the slightly harder than usual crust that felt nearly cookie-like than a thin, crusty layer on the exterior of a warm loaf cake.

(Flat White)

Going for our usual order of Flat White, we opted for the Stasis blend — a blend roasted using beans from Brazil and Ethiopia with tasting notes of floral, nutty and berry-like flavour. The cuppa was smooth and creamy, though the body is rather mild; would probably work as the soothing mid-day leisurely cup of coffee than the morning perk-me-up.

Overall, it does feel like Drury Lane Coffee had since gained quite a bit of experience ever since their inception; the simple food menu is something most might find no surprises in but carries comforting brunch items for the soul. The prices are also pretty attractive here, considering we would have paid much higher at other cafes offering the same items — a clear plus point that Drury Lane Coffee has especially at this particular branch. With its quiet surroundings, affordable prices and welcoming environment and Wi-Fi provided, Drury Lane Specialty Coffee’s newest outlet at Neuros, Biopolis is a spot that would be a conducive hideout for the office folks at Biopolis for a quiet meal or even work from over coffee; we definitely see ourselves returning to get some work done if we were to be in the area.

Drury Lane Specialty Coffee
Neuros, Biopolis
8 Biomedical Grove
Singapore 138665

Web Page: http://www.drurylane.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/drurylane.sg/

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