Prodigal Roasters – Blk 625 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9

Situated opposite Ang Mo Kio 628 Market & Food Centre, Prodigal Roasters is a short walk away from Yio Chu Kang MRT Station which is currently still a relatively quiet area in the cafe scene.

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Tucked away in one of the last few units at the void deck of a HDB flat, it is quite hard to think that a coffee roaster being hidden behind the doors of a shop space that is of a size of a typical neighbourhood bubble tea shop. Prodigal Roasters is just that, decked out with a minimalist decor theme featuring white walls, floors and wooden shelves and counters. Due to the cafe’s sheer size, Prodigal Roasters is currently a standing coffee bar with no seatings though there might be plans of adding seating in the near future. The menu is pretty limited here with Belgian Waffles and a quiche available for savouries and a small variety of tarts to cater to the sweet-tooths. Pre-packed cookies are sold here, with coffee (brewed with beans roasted by themselves), tea and cold-pressed juices served for beverages.

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(Miso Cheese Tart, Flat White)

During the day of visiting, Prodigal Roasters was serving the PBMQ (Portobello Mushroom Quiche), Rocky Road Tart and a Miso Cheese Tart. Miso Cheese Tart was undoubtedly cheesy that was identical to a lighter form of a New York Cheesecake but drenched in a miso caramel that was thick with its savoury flavours; an unlikely combination but complimented one another very well. The tart base was firm and held well without breaking into a mess while sliced. The Flat White was brewed from Panama bean that was roasted with their coffee roaster two days before; the result was a creamy cuppa that carried a medium body with a clean finish featuring a fruity flavour profile. Definitely one of the better cuppas I have had; they also do retail their roasted beans in 250gm packs if one is interested in bringing the beans back home as well.

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Prodigal Roasters is one of the more promising places of the late; a place that is honest, sincere and unpretentious despite is minimalist decor. They are passionate in coffee and the art behind it, roasting their own beans to achieve the flavour they desire to bring to the patrons while creating a friendly and neighbourly vibe by talking to their patrons; it is that sort of place that is rarely found these days. Sure, the menu is small and limited and that it may not have any seats (at least for now), but this is that sort of place that is meant for the serious coffee lover; somewhere to learn and appreciate the art of coffee; the passion and sincerity can be felt right through from their efforts of serving the ideal cuppa to the patrons. A place with much potential in the neighbourhood that tries to integrate itself into the community it is in, Prodigal Roasters is a place to visit for those living within the neighbourhood, coffee enthusiasts and those looking for an affordable cuppa; it would be a place that I see myself returning to, and here’s wishing Prodigal Roasters success for the future ahead.

Prodigal Roasters
Blk 625 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9
Singapore 560627

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