Löwe’f – Kum Yan Methodist Church

Löwe’f takes over the space of Mary’s Kafe at Kum Yan Methodist Church, situated along Queen Street and just a short walk away from Bras Basah MRT Station.

Not a lot of churches in Singapore carry shop spaces; Löwe’f’s location is certainly a rare one that makes the cafe itself pretty unique. The interior is modern and brightly lit with natural lighting through the large windows; splashes of yellow is mixed with blue, black and marble accents to create a chic and modern look that is vibrant yet cosy — the interior design also makes clever use of the shop’s odd corners that maximizes the seating capacity to its fullest potential. The menu is split to a few sections, including breakfast, lunch (which includes sandwiches and burgers), salad, confectionary and soup, while beverages include specialty coffee brewed using beans roasted by Prodigal Roasters/Cafe amongst other beverages.

(Queen Street Chicken Burger)

One of the items that really stood out while skimming through the menu here is the Queen Street Chicken Burger — Sous-Vide Chicken Breast, Pickled Cucumber, Garlic Chili Mayo, Crispy Chicken Skin, Brown Rice Puff with Sesame Ginger Garlic Oil Sauce. While looking like as though it’s a twist on the local Hainanese Chicken Rice in a sandwich format, Löwe’f’s approach is more than just that. Löwe’f Artisanal bakes their own bread in-house; the bread is light and crisp, yet carrying enough denseness for that slight tension for a bite. The sous-vide chicken breast was absolutely tender and succulent, while the sauces help to achieve a balance of creaminess, spiciness, and savouriness; the pickled cucumbers help to add a tangy crunch that cuts through the flavours for a bit of contrast. The item comes with a side of garden greens as well; overall, a pretty well-designed dish that is wholesome and flavourful.

(Citrus Salmon Sandwich)

Whilst looking at their menu, we were recommended the Citrus Salmon Sandwich by the staff. The open-faced sandwich comes with elements such as Citrus Marinated Salmon, Avocado Purée, Edamame, Pickled Cucumber Sticks, Ikura, Crispy Salmon Skin dusted with Kombu Butter. The item itself was interesting on many levels, but the most intriguing part would have to be the doneness of the fish; the fish is cooked, but carries a similar texture and moistness to that of salmon sashimi that comes with a Bara Chirashi Don — chunky and carrying a bite, but yet also with the fresh flavours of cooked salmon. The citrus provides a subtly uplifting flavour that makes everything a little more refreshing, while the other elements provide a myriad of flavours that pushes it a little further; the Ikura providing a pop of umami, and the bread is all crusty yet chewy while the avocado purée provides a bit of richness. We like how they have thoughtfully added the fish skin for some crispness as well. Yet another well-executed and designed dish that is set to impress.

(Salted Beef Brisket Quiche)

Two quiches were also available on the day of our visit, namely the Roasted Vegetable Quiche and the Salted Beef Brisket Quiche. We opted for the latter; the crust is similar to that of a pie-pastry, flaky and buttery while the quiche is generously filled within — not particularly cheesy, but pretty eggy and creamy with the tender salted beef brisket helping to cut through the richness with its savoury flavour. A very comforting item that would fit as a savoury tea-time treat.


As mentioned earlier, Löwe’f uses brews their coffee with beans roasted by Prodigal Roasters/Cafe. The Galaxy is essentially Löwe’f Artisanal’s take on the Dirty (an order which we regularly go for at both of Prodigal’s branches) — it carries similar flavour profile; that same nuttiness for the espresso using a blend of beans from El Salvador and Brazil that is being steeped into a cup of cold milk, it is aromatic, yet rich, making it a good drink to have on a hot day without resorting to iced coffee that contains ice cubes which may dilute the drink.

While some eateries, being religiously-linked, can feel a tad intimidating to some, Löwe’f’s location within a church building does not exude the same vibes — it feels like just any other cafe; one that is cozy and welcoming with passionate staff who cares about what they are serving up. There is a lot of thought, heart and effort being put into the dishes served here, and it could be sincerely felt during our visit here; all the dishes were delicious and left a strong impression, with interesting twists and good execution. Coffee is also done surprisingly well, while almost everything is done from scratch here such as the bakes and bread. A place that is certainly a destination for brunch lovers looking into hearty and wholesome fare and also somewhere to look out for in the long run; we wish the folks behind Löwe’f all the best in their business, and we would be back for more!

Kum Yan Methodist Church
1 Queen Street
Singapore 188534

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/L%C3%B6wef-Artisanal-Sandwiches-Pastries-Coffee-336061983588830/

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