Nguan Roasted — Pioneer MRT Station

It is rare to come across a roast meat specialty store like Nguan Roasted, which seemingly aims to serve roast meats with a difference.

Situated at the most unlikely of places, Nguan Roasted’s shop space is situated at the overhead bridge of Pioneer MRT Station. Occupying a hole-in-the-wall space, Nguan Roasted is decked almost like a hipster eatery, adopting an eye-catching yellow for its main colour scheme with neon lights adorning the walls of the dine-in space situated on the left side of the shop. The counter and the food preparation takes up the right side of the stall, with fittings that allow for the display of the roast meats like any typical roast meat stall. Whilst offering similar sets to other stalls serving up roast meats, Nguan Roasted offers a wider selection of items which include classic bowl combinations that allow for patrons to opt for roast meats to be served with mixed greens; an interesting form of “protein bowl” where roast meats are served with salad. Nguan also serves up entire portions of their meats, selling them by per unit or per half kg portions, whilst also offering a variety of local drinks as well.

(Foreground: F-Awesome Bowl with Oil Rice, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork, Roasted Duck and Char Siew; Background: Paradise Bowl with Brown Rice, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork, Roasted Duck and Char Siew)

Going for the F-Awesome Bowl and the Paradise Bowl, the former is described to be a “Four Combination Roast Meat Set Meal with Half Egg”, while the latter is described as a “Four Combination Roast Meat Set Meal served with half egg, tofu, and vegetables; both items being of a substantial serving size. Opting for Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork and Char Siew for both items, patrons can also pick their preferred rice to come with each bowl, having options ranging from Oil Rice, White Rice, and Brown Rice. We went for the Oil Rice for the F-Awesome Bowl, whilst opting for the Brown Rice for the Paradise Bowl. Having tried the array of meats that are available here, all four types of meat are pretty decent; whilst not being the best, we felt that the roasted chicken, roasted duck, and Char Siew were considerably tender. Of the three, the roasted duck was one that carried a pretty strong impression; no doubt we would have liked it even more if it came with a sight crisp skin, but the overall flavours were not particularly salty, being aptly savoury instead while the portion served was also not boney. The Roasted Pork also carried a slightly more memorable imperesion than the other meats on the bowl, especially with its crisp skin and savoury flavours from the spice rub which gave it ample flavour. The Oil Rice was decent, carried a light aroma typical to that of usual Chicken Rice stalls out there, though the rice was a little softer than what we would have preferred; probably also due to the drizzling of multiple sauces over it, while the Brown Rice was executed to a respectable degree of skill without being particularly hard or dry. The braised egg was nothing much to shout about, though the braised tofu was undoubtedly silken. Overall, something we would not mind going for again.


We also went for the Kopi; a pretty well-brewed cup of Nanyang Kopi which strikes a balance between the familiar aroma and sweetness. A great accompaniment to the roast meats for those who cannot do without coffee.

While not a must-try spot for roasted meats, Nguan Roasted attempts to breathe new life into serving roast meats, offering a variety of new options for something that is so commonplace here in Singapore. They do not seemingly reinvent the wheel when it comes to the executions of the meat, it does provide a new perspective on the pairing of roast meats with an emphasis on its bright and modern branding. Despite not being a spot to deliberately travel down for their fare, Nguan Roasted serves up meats of respectable quality, and would be a spot that residents in the area would be able to appreciate whilst being a good option for a simple meal in the area.

Nguan Roasted
Pioneer MRT Station
31 Jurong West Street 63
Singapore 648310

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