SIMPLEburger Inc. – myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens

myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens had recently seen yet another switch-up with its F&B tenants in the basement, with Staple Foods taking over the space formerly occupied by One Man Coffee X Crust Pizza and Simple Burger now occupying the unit formerly housing Duke Bakery.

SIMPLEburger Inc. is more of a kiosk than a bistro; the space features only a standing dine-in bar at the side of the shop while patrons can also occupy the mall’s communal bar tables that are conveniently located just diagonally across SIMPLEburger Inc. outside Fairprice Finest. SIMPLEburger Inc.’s concept is relatively easy to understand; offering only four different burger patties on the menu, patrons can pick their desired burger bun whilst opting for their choices of add-ons such as bacon, egg, mushroom, onions or go for additional cheese for their burgers; each add-on being charged at a dollar each. Fries come as a standard size that is already included in the price of the order of any burger; patrons can also help themselves to the free-flow self-service condiment bar beside the counter to add condiments such as leafy greens, tomato, raw onions, salsa etc. to their burgers. Choices of beverages at SIMPLEburger Inc. is limited to milkshakes, with a variety of flavours to choose from.

(Pork Burger – addon: Bacon, Crispy Onions)

Pork burgers are usually a hard find, thus our choice of the Pork Burger here while opting for bacon and onions for our order. it is worth noting that patrons can pick between crispy and sauteed onion for their add-on, which we picked the former. The burger was one that felt well put together; the burger buns being toasted thus crisp yet light while the patty was firm yet juicy and consistent in texture providing a good bite. The crispy onions helped by adding a contrast in terms of texture; provided some form of crunch in between bites while the bacon was crisp and aptly savoury without being overly salty. The addition of raw onions provided a zing, while the pickled also helped to refresh the taste buds with its sourness to break the heaviness of the burger. The fried at the side were serviceable; thickly cut, the fries contained a good amount of potato and were soft and fluffy inside.

(Beef – addon: Egg, Crispy Onions, additional Cheese)

We also went for the Beef (Natural), adding on egg, onions and additional cheese for this order. The beef patty was consistent in texture; not veiny nor was it gamey, whilst also not being too fatty — pretty juicy and flavorful and also done with a pinkish centre. While most of the condiments that we opted for were similar to the Pork Burger, the additional cheese packs more flavour, while the sunny-side-up was done to perfection with a flowy egg yolk that would reveal its goodness with a bite — perfect for those who love their burgers with a smashed egg yolk.

SIMPLEburger Inc. s concept is no doubt simple, but it does resonate well to consumer’s desires. The menu makes for easy decision-making, while the add-ons are available to guide patrons through on what they might be craving for. The self-service condiments bar answers to the consumer’s perception of flexibility; allows them to pick and pile up whatever condiments that may appeal to them. All these make SIMPLEburger Inc. a delightful place to visit; a place where consumers do not have to fuss over menu options over what they would have to compromise with, but rather, what they would want to go for. The food is satisfying and unpretentious; affordable yet at a decent quality with portions that would fill one up modestly. While the lack of a proper dine-in area is probably one of the cons for the establishment, Simple Burger seems to be a spot that would serve the community around them pretty well.

SIMPLEburger Inc.
MyVillage @ Serangoon Gardens
1 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556679

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