Poké Lulu – United Square

Opened recently at United Square, Poké Lulu is a new Poké bowl spot taking over the spot of now-defunct Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe.

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The space of Poké Lulu is relatively familiar, using furniture that is left behind from Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe; there are a few subtle differences around though, such as around the counter area and most of the fittings of the previous tenant. Like most Poké spots, Poké Lulu offers Poké bowls in three sizes; small, medium and large — each size determining the portion of Poké that one is entitled to, while patrons are able to pick from a range of add-ons and superfoods as well as to have salad or grains for the base to go along with their Poké. It is noted that Poké Lulu has a self-service counter with various sauces and dressings near the self-collect area — customers are allowed to help themselves to the sauces/dressings available if they require them.

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(Medium Bowl)

We went for the medium bowl, which allowed us to choose a grain (or salad), two scoops of Poké, three add-ons and one superfood by default; our choice was to go for the Rice Mix for the base, while going for the Spicy Ahi Tuna and Wasabi Mayo Salmon for the two scoops of Poké. For the three add-ons, we opted for Cucumber, Seaweed Nori and Flying Fish Roe while Ikura was the superfoods that we chose. Unlike most places, the Brown Rice here comes mixed with white rice, hence the Rice Mix comprises of White Rice and the brown rice mix; the former comes with bits of bonito flakes that provided a hint of umami goodness within the otherwise plain white rice, while the latter comes with specks of black sesame for a roasty flavour. Both variants of Poké were well-marinated — the Spicy Ahi Tuna delivered the kick, while the Wasabi Mayo Salmon was not too creamy and was pretty punchy by providing the occasional numbing sensation in between mouthfuls of rice and Poké. Our choices of add-ons and toppings were hard to go wrong, but it was definitely hard not to love the burst of umami flavours from both the Flying Fish Roe and Ikura. A pretty fun bowl to have, it is also noted that the medium bowl is slightly larger than most bowls of the same size here, thus a little more filling; probably it is due to the fact that all Poké bowls come with a bed of crunchy greens and pineapple chunks on top of the specified addons — still pretty impressive however.

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We had been to quite a number of Poké spots around, but only a few spots had managed to impress us with their quality and execution of their food; Poké Lulu is one of these places — well-marinated fish, a bowl that is customizable to one’s liking and also pretty fun to finish, it is one of those Poké places that was pretty well-rounded in what they have to offer. Service could, however, be improved; there was not much of an issue but the staff do seem a little shy and reserved — probably something that would be improved as they settle into their daily operations. A spot that is definitely worth checking out for their Poké bowls, especially for the office folk in the area that is looking for a healthy eat without resorting to having just salad — this is probably the place for you!

Poké Lulu
United Square
101 Thomson Road
Singapore 307591

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pokelulu/


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