At The Myo – Blk 4 Everton Park

Known as Sebastian’s Fusion Cuisine previously in the coffeeshop within the same estate, they have since rebranded themselves as At The Myo and relocated to a space of their own which had previously housed now-defunct Sing HK Cafe and Batterworks which is also the unit right beside Nylon Coffee Roasters.

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Staying true to their roots, At The Myo serves Japanese and Western cuisine that is pretty similar to those that one would usually get from coffeeshop western stalls. Simply decorated, the shop space is pretty modest in size despite being able to accommodate for larger groups of 8 if the tables are placed together. We visited At The Myo during their soft launch phase; the menu was pretty limited to mostly Western fare with the exception of Chicken Katsu Cheese Curry Rice; the other items were largely pasta with only a single rice item and a ribeye dish available. Sides were also available, some of them featuring an Asian or local twist while a small variety of desserts are also served. Most items are priced at $10, with a few items being charged at a premium; one can opt for a set at an additional top-up of $1 for a canned drink.

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(Hae Bee Hiam Cheese Fries)

One of the items that stood out from the sides menu was the Hae Bee Hiam Cheese Fries; a localised twist to classic Cheese Fries. The fries were crisp on its own, but the main star here is indeed the Hae Bee Hiam-infused cheese dip. Surprisingly uncheesy, the cheese seemed to have been added just to give the Hae Bee Hiam Cheese sauce a dip-like consistency as it’s pretty umami from the aroma of Hae Bee Hiam which was very appetising.

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(Tom Yum Prawn Pasta)

There is plenty of Tom Yum Pastas around of the late, and the Tom Yum Prawn Pasta here may not be one of the most prettily plated but it does certainly work if one is craving for Tom Yum. While some may highlight how it seems to be more Tom Yum Noodles than Pasta given how the noodles were simply swimming in the sauce and the sauce itself may be of a slightly more liquid consistency, we thought it was pretty decent especially given how At The Myo had its roots from being a humble, neighbourhood coffeeshop stall serving Western fare. Apart from that, however, the sauce was pretty tangy and was not shy on spiciness; the first taste caught us off guard for how it first seemed to be pretty harmless but evolves into full-blown spiciness that is pretty much on the moderate scale in just a mere few seconds. The portion of prawns was also pretty generous and fresh as well given the price point here.

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(Cajun Fish Garlic Rice)

Despite looking simple, the Cajun Fish Garlic Rice was delicious; the pan-fried fish was flavourful, flaky and crisp served with mildly garlicky fried rice and an egg with flowy yolk. Pretty much a dish that is no-frills, it is simple, unpretentious yet comforting and satisfying.

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(Ondeh Ondeh Creme Brulee)

While the Tiramisu and Waffles look more like a safer option for desserts here, we decided to go for the Ondeh Ondeh Creme Brulee which takes on the cue of trendy, localised versions of western desserts. Again, the execution could probably be more refined but its pretty acceptable given the background of At The Myo; the Creme Brulee lacks the burnt, crackling layer of sugar over the top which was closer to simply sprinkles of sugar torched with a kitchen torch. That aside, the Ondeh Ondeh Creme Brulee carried flavours of pandan, Gula Melaka and even with balls of Ondeh Ondeh without Gula Melaka filling to replicate the chewy, mochi-like texture of Ondeh Ondeh. The condiments might be seen as a tad haphazard for some, but the effort of trying to infuse local flavours and texture into the classic Creme Brulee could definitely be felt here and still brings a good end to the meal here.

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With its following from the days that they were Sebastian’s Fusion Cuisine in the coffeeshop within the estate, At The Myo’s return to Everton Park is bound to make office workers and residents within the neighbourhood excited. The fare is still pretty much simple, staying true to their roots where they are serving comforting, homely and no-frills western fare at pocket-friendly prices. While the prices have increased a little with its move, At The Myo is still pretty affordable when compared to most establishments within the area. While At The Myo is mostly self-service, service is still pretty friendly like some family-run businesses; very sincere and welcoming especially when they apologised that they were out of seats. If you are looking for a place that is wallet-friendly with honest and simple fare around Outram Park without having to settle at a coffeeshop, At The Myo might be a place that one would want to check out

At The Myo
Blk 4 Everton Park
Singapore 080004

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