The Pound – Sultan Plaza

Located at a non-descript corner in Sultan Plaza, The Pound is situated in a location that one would least expect to find a café at.

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Decked out in black and wooden furnishings, the lighting is aptly dim to exude a classier and more upmarket vibe as opposed to the local coffeeshop-esque eateries within the building. No mains are served here; instead, The Pound focuses on serving sweet treats with a small variety of cakes such as muffins, roll cakes, pound cakes and other bakes that are baked fresh by themselves. Apart from the cakes, coffee-lovers would be happy to know that they serve Dutch Iced Coffee via the cold water drip coffee in-house with beans and blends of various origins, as well as Espresso, Americano and hand-drip coffee.

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(Fig Pound Cake)

Offered in various flavours, the Fig Pound Cake caught my eye for it is rare to find bakes with figs around as compared to the Lemon Pound Cake and Coffee Pound Cake that were available on the day of my visit. Despite how simple it looked, the pound cake was delightful with a suitably dense batter that differentiates it from a chiffon cake, moist and did not crumble into a mess when being sliced with a fork. Inside the fig pound cake, there are traces of fruits and figs (and rather generous as well) within that adds yet another dimension of sweetness and a little bite to the cake. It may look like a simple pound cake, but it is one that hits the mark in every way and is definitely worth travelling down for.

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(Earl Grey Roll Cake)

Apart from the Fig Pound Cake, I have also ordered an Earl Grey Roll Cake for my friend highly recommended the Strawberry Roll Cake but was sadly sold-out during my visit. Texturally, the roll cake seemed to bear a texture that was closer to the Tiger Rolls sold in neighbourhood bakeries as compared to a Swiss Roll (and probably the reason why it is named Roll Cake instead of Swiss Roll); its light, spongey and fluffy, but not quite as moist as what would have been expected of a Swiss Roll. It’s very delicious, for the Earl Grey added into the batter gives the cake a whiff of aroma while it is enhanced by the Earl Grey-infused cream slathered onto the side. Rolled within in the centre was buttercream and two orange pulps; smooth and creamy while the juicy orange spurts its citric flavours to add a zesty touch to the buttercream. Again, a simple yet satisfying cake that is well-executed.

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(Dutch Iced Coffee – Disco)

If you are into coffee, The Pound offers quite a number of beans and blends to choose from for their Dutch Iced Coffee. I picked the Disco blend, which comes with a smoky cocoa flavour profile that is not too acidic; something that is pretty strong if you are in need of the morning perk-me-up.

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The Pound is truly a hidden gem; a place that you would never expect to find in a mall like Sultan Plaza. The cakes are of very good quality, even better than some commercial bakeries that are known to supply their cakes to other cafes and restaurants. Their range of coffee here is also pretty astounding for a space of its size and makes for great value at the price considering how well done the coffee is. Despite being located in a space pretty unexpected for a Korean-owned café, this place is a must-visit if you love having cakes and coffee for they provide good quality at pocket-friendly prices. Let’s hope that they would be able to see more success in time to come; it would be a shame to see such a place go away in the competitive F&B scene in Singapore.

The Pound
Sultan Plaza
100 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 190001
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