Black & Ink – Changi Road (Closed)

(Black & Ink had since ceased operations.)

Yet another new cafe at Eunos; Black & Ink is the newest addition to the neighbourhood situated within walking distance from Collective Brewers.

 photo IMG_5234_zpsef4c268d.jpg

Black & Ink is opened by the same person behind the food blog, It is a hole-in-the-wall cafe, with no proper space for a kitchen though it does have generous seating available. The environment is pretty much an ode to the old Kopitiam days, in a more upscale setting. Due to the lack of a proper kitchen, there is only coffee, tea and cakes available, of which the cakes are baked by a friend of owner Roy whom graduated from Le Corden Bleu.

 photo IMG_5238_zpsf3ace6f5.jpg

(Earl Grey Lavender)

Out of the four cakes available, I went for the Earl Grey Lavender. Despite being served straight from the display, the cake was crusty on all sides, which was pretty delectable. There is usually something with Earl Grey Lavender cakes that can make it too overwhelming somehow where it could taste somewhat soapy; a thing that some may find revolting. This one had a good balance; floral accents fitting in with a buttery and sufficiently moist pound cake. It’s moist enough to hold itself together, but it’s also not oily to the extent of clumping together. Definitely the cake to go for with your cuppa. Roy mentioned that the cakes here are pretty popular and sell out rather fast despite having deliveries for the cakes three times a week, so do go for one if they are available.

 photo IMG_5236_zps2fef25b9.jpg

(Flat White)

Flat White here is made from beans of two origins; Colombian and Ethiopian, which has berry-like flavours in the body and a caramel finish. A smooth cuppa that is not too heavy, making it a relaxing cuppa to have for afternoon tea.

 photo IMG_5235_zps56c9a0fc.jpg

Black & Ink may be serving a limited menu currently, but all the items seemed to be worth checking out especially the cakes which seemed to be raved about online too. It would be good to see them serve some light bites too, though the open-kitchen concept may not really work well for the cafe as patrons would end up smelling like food once they leave the cafe. With the cafe located at a spot with much potential, it would be interesting to see how this hole-in-the-wall cafe would make use of its benefits and turn its shortcomings (in terms of space) into good use for the long run.

Black & Ink
168 Changi Road
Soingapore 419730

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