Da Zhong Cafe (大衆茶室) – Hainanese Village Food Centre

Technology has brought us the advent of Social Networking sites, which could be a great tool for publicity. A few months ago, probably only a handful of people have heard of Da Zhong Cafe before. In recent months, after having both an Instagram and a Facebook account, the stall caught some attention on the net and had been able to attract some patrons over with raving reviews. So what is the winning formula here for a simple stall that sells your typical morning breakfast fare?


(Steamed Bread with Kaya & Butter)

There are two types of toasts available and we took both. The steamed one was delivered warm and fluffy, with a generous amount of kaya and butter spread. It tasted pretty nostalgic, with a very sinful yet pleasant buttery taste to the toast that it is rare to find these days.


(Toasted Bread with Kaya & Butter)

The toasted variation comes similar except that the bread was being toasted. It was not toasted excessively, and retained the fluff with the added crustiness on the top.



Nothing beats a good cup of Nanyang coffee with kaya toast. After having the Kopi from Da Zhong, I am convinced enough to say that it is pretty nostalgic. It is just of the right thickness without being bland nor too rich. The condensed milk added was also enough to sweeten the Kopi without being cloying sweet. It was the same Kopi we grew up knowing in the past.

Da Zhong Cafe’s winning formula most likely comes from its food. With most people paying more attention to nostalgia, it would strike a chord with those who yearn a now nearly extinct flavour from the past. The use of technology might have earned them more customers, but it would have been nothing if the food was not up to standard. There is really no need for an expensive cup of coffee at a cafe when you can get a simple and delightful treat at an affordable price.

Da Zhong Cafe (大衆茶室)
Hainanese Village Centre
Blk 105 Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530105

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DaZhongCafe


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