Emma – Plaza Singapura

It seems that soft-serve ice-cream may be very much a trend in the F&B scene, considering the opening of various soft-serve brands like Icenoie Hokkaido and Little Bastard in the last couple of months.

Opened fairly recently at Plaza Singapura, Emma is a brand that hails from Japan. Occupying only a kiosk at the basement, Emma is strictly a takeaway, with the dine-in area beside the shop belonging to the unit beside it. Serving up different varieties of soft-serve, its soft-serve offerings a largely based off two flavours; namely the Emma Soft Milk, and the Emma Charcoal Cheese — the former also mostly available with different toppings and choice of sauces as well. A particular novelty with the ice-cream is said to be their gravity-defying nature; patrons had already been uploading images of the soft-serve on social media holding up the soft-serve in reverse, without having the soft-serve ending up on the ground much in a similar fashion as Turkish ice-creams.

(Emma Charcoal Cheese)

Going for the Emma Charcoal Cheese, the Emma Charcoal Cheese comes with a full-on black aesthetic from the soft-serve to the cone. Coloured black from the charcoal infusion, the Emma Charcoal Cheese is dense and smooth, though melts a little quick whilst only carrying a slightly cheesy tone towards the finish; not as intense or pungent as what we would have expected from the few cheese soft-serves we have had before. Probably created more for the ‘gram.

(Brown Sugar Matcha Bubble Soft)

We also had the Brown Sugar Matcha Bubble Soft; one of the few items off the Signatures section of the menu which feature mainly Brown Sugar inspired soft-serve flavours. Coming by default, and only with the Emma Soft Milk, the soft-serve carried a similar consistency to the Emma Charcoal Cheese; pretty dense, smooth and creamy, whilst also being rather milky though melting fairly easily. The Brown Sugar helps to add a mellow yet rich sweetness to the soft-serve, while the pearls add a chewy texture for more bite. Whilst carrying the word “Matcha” in its name, the sprinkling of matcha powder only was not sufficient to bring out the flavours of the tea; the different sprinkles being more of a gimmick towards the aesthetic rather than the flavour of the soft-serve. Whilst being fairly decent, an item that felt as though it was created more for the ‘gram.

Overall, Emma seems to be a brand that is hopping on to the bandwagon whilst the trend is still hot; the offerings were seemingly created more for the ‘gram with more attention placed on aesthetics. No doubt the soft-serves were decent, but there was nothing much to shout about — the gravity-defying qualities seemingly more of a selling point than the actual flavours as much of the social media hype seems to suggest. With more brands coming into Singapore, it would certainly be interesting to see how Emma would fare in the foreseeable future.

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839


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