Kind Kones – Forum The Shopping Mall

Hailing from Malaysia, Kind Kones had just recently opened their very first outlet in Singapore at Forum The Shopping Mall.

Operating five other outlets in Malaysia, Kind Kones is an ice-cream parlour that prides themselves for their vegan ice-creams. Occupying the former premises of now-defunct JIA 林家咖啡店, Kind Kones’ very first store outside of Malaysia is almost a hole-in-the-wall concept, with few counter seats, as well as tables and chairs being set-up behind and next to the counters of the store. Apart from the tables and seats situated within the unit, Kind Kones also occupies the play area situated in the middle of the shopping aisle just across the shop space; a thoughtful touch considering how families with young children make up most of the foot traffic of the mall that is filled with children-centric businesses. Whilst offering a wide variety of ice-creams which one would be able to see from the display chiller facing out of the store, Kind Kones also serves up other healthy sweet treats such as cakes, brownies and banana splits as well, whilst also offering patrons more than a single option of cone to pair up with their ice-creams; a rarity for ice-cream shops in Singapore.

(Haw Flakes)

Having skimmed through the various flavours available at Kind Kones, we opted for the Haw Flakes flavour, served in a cup. The Haw Flakes flavour, like many other flavours available at Kind Kones, features a base made using Cashew Milk, Coconut Milk, and Almond Milk, mixed with Vanilla and Haw Flakes within. The ice-cream was relatively smooth and creamy, though like many other vegan ice-creams out there, a slight graininess could be detected in its consistency due to the use of nut milk. The flavour carries a strong hint of nut milk with a light aroma of Vanilla, whilst carrying sizeable nibs to crunch on. Haw flakes scattered throughout the entire scoop helps to bring a slight zippiness and another dimension of sweetness to the ice-cream.

(Blue Planet, with Flourless, Gluten-free Cone)

We also opted for the Blue Planet, to be served with one of the flourless, gluten-free Almond cones. The Blue Planet essentially replicates the look of Earth, considering how blotches of green can be found in every scoop due to the bits of matcha cake churned into the ice-cream. The ice-cream also features a similar base, involving Coconut Milk, Cashew Milk, Almond Milk and Vanilla that is dyed blue using Blue Pea Flower. As compared to the Haw Flakes flavour, the Blue Planet carries a slight savoury note, possibly from the coconut milk, while the matcha cake helps to add a slight bitterness and earthiness for a contrast of flavours. The Almond cone carried a crunchy texture no different to a standard waffle cone, though a slight flavour of the nut can be caught lingering in the ending notes of the cone.

There may be plenty of ice-cream parlours around, but there are not many vegan ice-cream options yet in Singapore with only names such as Brownice and Smoocht being the most notable ones serving them. The introduction of Kind Kones into the F&B scene provides vegans with yet another choice of ice-cream in Singapore; an option that is pretty centralised as well. The ice-cream flavours at Kind Kones are also pretty innovative here unlike the other vegan ice-cream outfits around, giving more choices to the consumers whilst still being well-made. With a smart choice of location, Kind Kones is probably off a good start considering how their ice-creams would be seen as a healthier option; a factor that would probably stand out especially for the families with young children that would be around the mall on weekends, considering how the mall is filled with children-centric businesses and well-patronised by such families. A spot to check out at least once, especially for vegans who have been looking for new options for desserts and sweet treats.

Kind Kones
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884

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