Tapasta Bar – Pekin Street

Situated in the Central Business District amidst a row of eateries is Tapasta Bar, which serves up Build-Your-Own pasta and grain bowls during the day, and a Tapas menu at night.

Opened fairly recently along Pekin Street, Tapasta Bar is situated within walking distance from Far East Square and Nankin Row within the busy Central Business District. Decked in a cosy, European design theme, Tapasta Bar is a pretty modern looking establishment that hints of slight Spanish influences from the tiles used at the decor, and the spices and condiments placed on the shelf that partitions the space. White brick walls adorn the interior, while the furnishings come with wooden accents; the interior being in no way cheesy, but really soothing and casual. Serving up two different menus throughout its operating hours, Tapasta Bar separates its menu by offering a Day Menu, and a Night Menu. In the day, Tapasta Bar offers Build-Your-Own pasta and grain bowl options, which would allow patrons to opt for the various ingredients available over the counter to customize their order to their liking. The Night Menu (which is also the only menu available throughout Saturday) consists of a number of sections, including Tapas, mains, grain bowls, and pasta. Beverage options are aplenty, including alcoholic options as well, though it is noted that Tapasta Bar does lack coffee options for those who are looking to get their caffeine fix.

(Truffle Shoestring Fries)

Going for an item off the Tapas section of the menu to share, we ended up with the Truffle Shoestring Fries. These were pretty decent, though may be a little greasy to some. The fries were crisp on the exterior and fluffy in the interior, whilst being drizzled with truffle oil for that aromatic note that is pretty evident, though not overwhelming for the rendition of the truffle fries here. Topped with shaved parmesan cheese, the cheese helps to further elevate those flavours — a rather decent version that should be able to curb those sudden truffle fries cravings.

(Chicken Meatballs)

Opting for an option off the Mains section of the menu, we went for the Chicken Meatballs; essentially a chicken meatball pasta dish that features elements such as homemade chicken meatballs (the same being available as a dish from their Tapas menu), spaghetti, and spicy tomato cream sauce. Thought that the pasta here came a little bit past al-dente; still fairly decent and not really particularly noticeable, though we did feel that it could have carried a little more bite. The pasta comes laced in the spicy tomato cream as mentioned in the menu; a creamy, tangy sauce that would work well especially for those who do not like tomato-based pastas for the lack of richness — itself also carrying a good kick of spiciness that tingles the taste buds even for those whom are able to take moderate amounts of spiciness. The chicken meatballs are decent; carrying a good bite though would have been better if it could have been a little juicier and more crunchy on the exterior. Still, a pretty comforting item that was considerably delicious.

(Pan Seared Salmon)

We also had the Pan Seared Salmon from the Grain Bowls section of the menu. The item features elements such as a Salmon Fillet with Tomato Salsa, Raisin Couscous, Roasted Cauliflower, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Cabbage, and Fried Shallots. Given the hearty portions and the mix of ingredients, the item was also undoubtedly wholesome. Being the supposed star of the dish, the Salmon Fillet was fresh, flaky and flavourful, carrying its distinct natural flavour; the tomato salsa provides a refreshing burst of zestiness that further elevates the flavour of the fish, whilst also cleansing the taste buds in the middle. The couscous was also soft and fluffy, while the raisins helped to add texture and a hint of sweetness to the dish. Other elements such as the various greens included provided even more texture; crunchy elements that help to balance out everything that is going on with the entire bowl. A great option for those looking for something healthier than pasta or a burger; hearty, wholesome and balanced.

Being located in the Central Business District, Tapasta Bar checks off all the right boxes by serving up customisable pasta and grain bowls during lunch hours; the flexibility of being able to order what they want, coupling with the offerings of healthier choices that provide for a wholesome and hearty meal is certainly pretty attractive at the price point. While we did not try the lunch hour offerings, the dinner service is varied, allowing patrons to opt for either a simple meal or go communal; a destination which allows for flexibility and works equally well for brunch during the weekend as well. Considering its location, Tapasta Bar would be a good spot for those looking for a spot for the after-work chillout, as well as a decent spot for a quiet catch-up over the weekends considering its location that primarily serves the office crowds on weekdays.

Tapasta Bar
39 Pekin Street
Singapore 048769

Web Page: http://www.tapastabar.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tapastabar/


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