Glyph Supply Co. – TripleOne Somerset

With the revamp and re-opening of TripleOne Somerset, the mall had seen a number of fresh names moving into its premises.

Following other tenants such as Karemen Ajisen, Pasta House, Fun Toast, Pu3 Restaurant, A Poke Theory, and Kyoaji Japanese Dining which have either already moved into 111 Somerset or progressively moving into the building, Glyph Supply Co. had also recently opened its doors within the mall. The shop front faces the main road, though the signages are not particularly obvious from the road, considering how the signages face the aisle within the mall where the entrance of the store is at. Walking into Glyph Supply Co., one would be able to notice how the cafe is being decked in a minimalist decor theme; pretty reminiscent to that of Apartment, and Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, and Five Oars Coffee Roasters less the wooden accents, which are known for their vast use of industrial elements amidst the largely white decor theme. Shelves are also installed towards the right side of the shop from the entrance, which displays some of the merchandise (e.g. equipment for brewing coffee) that Glyph Supply Co. also retails. Whilst tables can be moved around to accommodate to large groups, there are also counter seats available at the bar for those who want to catch the baristas in action behind the espresso bar. Visiting Glyph Supply Co. during their soft launch days, Glyph Supply Co. was accepting payment through tip-only basis, whilst serving up only specialty coffee and a smaller selection of other drinks, as well as serving up cakes and pastries supplied by Carpenter & Cook which are displayed in display cases at the counter along with the espresso bar.

(Carrot Cake, 6 Oz White)

As mentioned, the bakes and cakes available during our visit to Glyph Supply Co. was supplied by Carpenter & Cook situated at Lorong Kilat. Having tried the Carrot Cake previously, the Carrot Cake is one that was almost akin to that of a Hummingbird Cake, complete with cream cheese frosting as well as shreds of carrot with an evident hint of cinnamon; a pretty luscious, yet fluffy and moist cake that carried bits of pineapple for some bite that created a contrast of texture and flavour. Something which did not feel particularly heavy, or overly sweet; a rather decent cake to pair up with the coffee here. Serving up our 6 Oz White shortly after the cake, the staff mentioned that the White was brewed using beans of Ethiopian origin; the single-origin beans being roasted by themselves. The White was smooth and creamy; we opted for a double-shot, therefore providing a medium body whilst carrying a fruity flavour profile. A cuppa which would work well for the morning perk-me-up; especially fitting for the office workers within the building.

Glyph Supply Co. is indeed what the Orchard neighbourhood is surprisingly lacking of; a quality spot that places an emphasis on specialty coffee that serves light bites; it is amazing how Orchard had been seemingly missing of such places despite the popularity of the third-wave coffee movement in recent years, with only more generic and commercially-owned joints opening in the area. Glyph Supply Co. certainly provides a breath of fresh air in the cafe scene in this part of town, offering potential patrons with an option of an independently-owned cafe that knows and does their craft well. Given its location being slightly away from the main shopping area of 313@Somerset, Orchard Gateway, Orchard Central and the young-ish Cathay Cineleisure, and *scape, yet still being very accessible being a stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT Station, Glyph Supply Co. would be a spot that hipsters and cafe-goers would be flocking to in no time; a spot that Orchard truly deserves.

Glyph Supply Co.
TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164

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