spaceout 闊 – Vision Exchange

Vision Exchange seems to be a building that contains many F&B establishments that are pretty much unnoticed, considering how most of them only operate during weekdays and how the building is situated away from the hustle and bustle of Jurong East.

Apart from Whatthefish and Heritage House which we have covered previously, Vision Exchange is also home to a couple of other eateries, including Spaceout. Perhaps the most hipster-looking establishment amongst the F&B tenants in the building, Spaceout is decorated to attract the younger crowd with the use of neon lighting and bright colours. Decked in an industrial decor theme, the counter is hidden behind a yellow metal sheet, while a wall at the back is decorated with a wallpaper full of comics -— all of which evokes a vibrant and young look to the establishment. Serving up mainly Tacos on their menu, patrons can pick between the four Tacos they have on the menu; a short list of dips is available at a top-up of $1, while the menu also carries a small list of sides. Beverages available include canned and bottled drinks, as well as cold brew coffee for those who must go with a caffeinated option.

(Chicky Taco)

Despite wanting to go for the Breaky Wakey which sounded much of a breakfast-style taco given the combination of ingredients listed, we ended up going for the Chicky Taco, which was recommended by the lady at the counter who also recommended us to opt for the Gua Gua Guacamole dip at a dollar extra. It is worth noting that Spaceout offers their tacos with two different types of tortilla; Flour Tortilla and Corn Tortilla. Our order came with a mix of both tortillas, with a taco coming with the flour tortilla and the other with the corn tortilla; a combination that patrons can also opt for. Being one of the two spicy taco options here, the Chicky Taco comes with elements such as Saute Chicken in Home Blend Seasoning, Pico de Gallo and Lettuce by default. Taking our first bite into the taco, the Saute Chicken comes with just enough bite; still pretty tender and succulent whilst the home blend seasoning gave a slightly spicy kick that should be pretty manageable for those that are able to handle moderate levels of spiciness. The Pico de Gallo provides a juicy, refreshing bite that cleanses the taste buds and cuts through the meatiness of the taco. The added Gua Gua Guacamole is served cold; provides a temperature contrast with the taco that comes at room temperature. Smooth, creamy and buttery, the Gua Gua Guacamole helps to add texture to the taco, whilst being fresh as well. Between the two tortillas, our pick would be the flour tortilla; a little chewier, whilst also being a more neutral flavour that brings out the flavours of the condiments well.

(Cold Brew Coffee)

Going for a beverage to pair with our taco, we opted for the Cold Brew Coffee, which is described to be “brewed from Mama Ng’s hometown blend”. As opposed to other black cold brews that we have had tried at specialty coffee houses, the Cold Brew Coffee from Spaceout has a rather mellow body, though is still prominently fruity with a clean finish; a cuppa that would work for those who prefer less strong coffees.

Mexican fare is starting to become quite common in more established office areas of the late, especially considering the number of Mexican joints that had opened in town and the Central Business District of the late. That being said, Mexican fare has yet to be popularised in Singapore and is often a secondary option for most given the myriad of options that we have around. That being said, Spaceout does provide an option to those in Jurong East when it comes to Mexican fare; the food here seems to be relatively light and would work decently for those who are health-conscious but not too strict with their diet plans. Prices are also largely reasonable, with our meal costing just slightly above S$10.00. While the location is considerably difficult to visit given its limited operating hours for those who are not in the area, Spaceout is a spot that would certainly work as an option for Mexican cuisine for the folks in Jurong East.

spaceout 闊
Vision Exchange
2 Venture Drive
Singapore 608526

Web Page:–Kiou9EqYeO8CVT0mAcNDFxMA16g
Facebook Page:


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