Ordinary Burgers – City Square Mall

Taking over the former premises of The Old Malaya Cafe at City Square Mall is Ordinary Burgers, a new kiosk with its own dine-in area by the side that specialises in burgers.

Opened by the folks of the equally new The Common Heroes juice bar situated just next to them, Ordinary Burgers and The Common Heroes are the newest F&B tenants to have moved into City Square Mall. Serving up a rather limited selection of burgers, the menu at Ordinary Burgers only provides two options for each type of meat for their burgers; namely chicken and beef, whilst also offering a vegetarian option that consists of a Portobello Mushroom patty as well. No fries are being served here; in fact, the only side available at Ordinary Burgers would be the Japanese Sweet Potato. Despite being largely a takeaway kiosk, Ordinary Burgers does have a well-sized dine-in area filled with high chairs and high tables a short distance away for the kiosk, which works well for a quick bite even with friends.

(Buttermilk Chicken)

Going for the Buttermilk Chicken, the burger comes with a buttermilk fried chicken patty, whilst also coming with condiments such as lettuce and burgers; the fried chicken patty also drenched with a salted egg sauce — all sandwiched in between two buns. Sinking our teeth into the burger, the buns were light and fluffy; the fried chicken patty was no doubt crispy on the exterior, yet juicy, tender and succulent; the salted egg sauce, though not particularly dense, helping to provide yet another contrast of savouriness to the burger while binding all of the condiments together with its creaminess. The salted egg sauce also sees the inclusion of curry leaves to further enhance and replicate the familiar flavours of the zi char favourite of salted egg chicken. Pretty value-for-money at S$5.90, considering how it is pretty well-executed with a quality that resonates well with its price tag.

(Classic Beef)

We also went for the Classic Beef burger; a rather standard, no-frills beef burger that comes with a beef patty, cheese and other condiments similar to that of the Buttermilk Chicken. The Classic Beef was a safe option done well; the beef patty came with a consistent texture without having unchewable veiny bits or fatty parts in the middle — it even comes with a slightly crusted exterior for more texture, while the beef was in no way gamey, yet tender, flavourful and juicy. The melted cheese helps to ante things up a little here, while the greens and other condiments provided a juicy, refreshing and tangy bite all between the light, fluffy buns. It is also noted that the burger was not overly greasy nor felt wet — yet another very well executed burger at a pretty affordable price at $6.80.

Overall, we felt that Ordinary Burgers is a great addition to the mall. The burgers are no doubt tasty, yet being particularly easy on the wallet with most items priced below $10 (the Double Beef is the only exception at $10.20). Waiting times are reasonable, with the chicken burgers being ready faster in comparison to the beef burgers. The burgers, though mostly classic, are well-executed; pretty much simple comforts that make them so good. The only qualm we have about Ordinary Burgers is how they do not really offer any other add-ons apart from Japanese Sweet Potatoes; we would certainly not mind them offering more standard sides such as fries or onion rings which could be shared at the table, which in turn may help to increase spending per table. That being said, Ordinary Burgers is a great addition to the mall; a place we would consider dining at again!

Ordinary Burgers
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539

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