Lobsters and Ice Cream – New Bridge Road

Taking over the former premises of now-defunct Oyoge Taiyaki at New Bridge Road is Lobsters and Ice-Cream, specializing in lobster rolls and soft-serve ice-cream.

Being situated right in front of the T-junction at North Bridge Road and Mosque Street, Lobsters and Ice-Cream is just a small kiosk that serves up only lobster and crab rolls, alongside with ice-cream. The set-up is fuss-free; minimal decor with mostly functional fittings and a large menu board at the front of the shop, while diners can choose to dine-in at the tables lined up along the aisle of the shophouse. The recently-opened eatery had gotten much attention online of the late, considering how they are serving up relatively affordable lobster rolls and crab rolls with different condiments; a seemingly value-for-money option given the usual prices of lobster rolls in Singapore that hover past S$30 before service charge and GST.

(Lobster Roll with Mentaiko Sauce – Half Portion)

Going for their Lobster Roll, we went for the half roll option which costs S$14 and opted for the Mentaiko Sauce variant which includes elements such as Spicy Pollack/Cod Roe, Flying Fish Roe, Mayo and Seaweed flakes — the full portion would cost double the price. Sinking our teeth into the Lobster Roll, the bread roll was pretty light; fluffy yet lightly crusted whilst being buttered in between. Served with fresh lobster drizzled in Mentaiko mayo and topped with flying fish roe on the top, one could notice the evident sweetness of the crustacean, whilst carrying a substantial bite while the Mentaiko mayo helps to add a umami sensation to the roll. The flying fish roe helps to add a popping texture, helping to give a bit of contrast overall. A pretty well-executed Lobster Roll that left us regretting not ordering the full portion, considering how we just could not get enough of it.

(Crab Roll with SG Chilli Crab Sauce)

We also went for the Crab Roll, which we opted for the SG Chilli Crab Sauce that comes with elements such as crab, shrimp, anchovy, tomato, peanut, sesame, lemongrass, eggs, and parsley. Opting for the full portion at $18, the crab roll is seemingly overshadowed by the lobster roll; no doubt delicious, though the sweetness of the crab was less evident here. Coming with the same bread roll that came with the Lobster Roll, the crab roll’s flavour was largely dependent on the chili crab sauce; a little sambal-esque with its savoury notes with a slight tang from the tomato — not a bad attempt considering the only thing lacking was the sweetness of the crab.

(Mix of Two Flavours – Matcha & Vanilla)

Giving their soft-serve ice-cream a try, we went for the mix of two flavours; namely the Vanilla and Matcha flavours. The soft-serve seemingly melted quite quickly, whilst also tasting a tad bland and powdery. Matcha was almost akin to that of jasmine green tea, while the vanilla felt like a rather loose interpretation of a milk flavoured soft-serve. Rather uninspiring, considering how fast food restaurants serve soft-serve which are more satisfying at way lesser.

Disregarding our experience with their soft-serve, Lobsters and Ice-Cream serves up food of respectable quality. The highlight here is no doubt the Lobster Roll; offering fresh lobsters in bread rolls with multiple sauces at an affordable price, the lobster roll was a real delight to have — the crab roll, in contrast, felt like a good-to-have, and an item to opt to try a variety and not necessarily something to make the trip down for. That being said, with the price of the full portion of Lobster Roll at $28, it is a place that one may think twice about considering the dining environment and its price point; probably a place that one may consider dining alone but not for a date or group of friends. Still, Lobsters and Ice-Cream is a spot that would work well as a convenient place to satisfy those lobster roll cravings — that is as long as one doesn’t mind shelling out just a little more for its dining environment, and if they are able to keep to the quality that they have started off from.

Lobsters and Ice Cream
191A New Bridge Road
Singapore 059423

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lobstersandicecream/


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