Pho Viet – Upper Thomson Road

Taking over the former premises of Old School Delights at Upper Thomson Road is Pho Viet, a new establishment that serves up Vietnamese cuisine.

Situated at the main stretch of eateries up at Upper Thomson Road where Maneko Japanese Restaurant, Birdy’s, and One Man Coffee etc. are located, Pho Viet seemingly provides a new dining option in the neighbourhood. Being situated in the former premises of Old School Delights, Pho Viet is particularly spacious, with a well-decorated dining hall that is seemingly spacious and decorated with Vietnamese influences with wood accents used in many of its furniture and fittings. Serving up Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Viet’s menu comprises of variety of Pho, Bun Cha and rice dishes; all of them being not too unfamiliar with the local palate considering how Vietnamese cuisine has already made it into the Singapore mass market in recent years by places such as Nam Nam Noodle Bar and So Pho — both being commercial joints that had popularized Vietnamese cuisine.

(BBQ Pork)

Going for one of the appetisers on the menu to share, we went for the BBQ Pork. Essentially pork skewers, these remind us of Ngoh Hiang rolls without beancurd skins, glazed in a sauce which adds a slight savouriness to the dish. A dish that we found to be rather decent and nothing much to shout about.

(Beef Brisket Noodle Soup)

Not giving their Pho a miss, we went for the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup, which also came with beef balls as well. A rather comforting Pho, what stood out the most for us was the broth of the Pho; a rather light-tasting broth that is savoury without clouding the taste buds with its flavour. Otherwise, the beef balls were decent, though nothing to shout about while the beef brisket slices were reasonably tender without being particularly gamey; the rice noodles being slippery and slurpy while the bean sprouts provided a crunch.

(Pork Chop with Rice)

Having placed our initially for the Pork Belly Stew with Rice, we eventually went for the Pork Chop with Rice after being informed that the Pork Belly Stew with Rice was not available. Being a rather basic variant of the dish, the Pork Chop with Rice came with cucumber, tomatoes, sunny-side-up and a slab of grilled pork chop on the side. It also came with a saucer of fish sauce on the side, accompanied with chopped chili padi; a combination that is typically being served at other Vietnamese establishments. The grilled pork chop was good; tender and fell off the bone considerably easy whilst being meaty without carrying a porky stench, and well-seasoned with pepper and carrying a slight smoky flavour from the grilling. The yolk of the sunny-side-up was also considerably runny, while the tomatoes and cucumber refresh the taste buds with its juiciness; the rice was, however, on the drier side, though could be easily fixed with a slight drizzle of the fish sauce for a moister texture and better flavour. A dish that we would pick over the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup any other day.

(Viet Drip Coffee Hot with Condensed Milk)

We also went for the Viet Drip Coffee Hot with Condensed Milk; a very indulgent cup of Vietnamese coffee with its strong body with chocolatey notes especially once the condensed milk is being mixed in. A very aromatic cup of coffee, without being overly sweet yet full of flavour; something which we would wholeheartedly go for again.

There may be many dining options situated along Upper Thomson, especially in the area where Pho Viet is situated at. That being said, Vietnamese cuisine options in the area are few and far in between. Pho Viet’s opening at Upper Thomson seemingly brings Vietnamese cuisine closer to the folks who are in the area, giving them a convenient spot to solve those Vietnamese cravings when they strike. Pho Viet’s offerings may not be the most extensive, nor the tastiest around, though it does dish out Vietnamese cuisine at an affordable price (most dishes being [priced less than S$10) whilst also of a respectable quality. While not being a must-visit spot for Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Viet is certainly an interesting addition to the vibrant dining scene at Upper Thomson.

Pho Viet
215M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349


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