Lee’s Confectionery – Blk 343 Jurong East Street 31

Being located deep in the heartlands of Jurong East, Lee’s Confectionery is a patisserie that is situated in a location that is pretty unlikely for a concept of its kind.

Lee’s Confectionery is no doubt a gem in the heartlands, especially considering the lack of cafes around the Jurong East area and how patisseries are a rare find in any HDB estate. Adopting a minimalist decor theme, Lee’s Confectionery carries a clean appearance with its white-coloured interior; the shop space being kept uncluttered, whilst being bright and well-lit. The shop space carries relics from its previous tenants, retaining the old-school tiled flooring that gives a nostalgic yet fitting feel to the furnishings with and fittings with wooden accents. Walking into the cafe, one would be greeted by the display chiller which shows the cakes available; a small variety which are all made in-house and fresh daily. For those who prefer to pair their cakes with a beverage, beverages available include specialty coffee (brewed using beans roasted by Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee) and tea.


Going for the item that struck our attention before we made our visit to Lee’s Confectionery, the Puff features Kaya and Earl Grey Tea elements. It is an interesting iteration to the local favourite Kaya Toast, with a slight twist where the toast element is being represented by two pastries that are replicated by what is seemingly Kouign Amann, while the Kaya also comes infused with Earl Grey Tea. The usual presentation also sees the item coming with two puff pastries being served as part of the dessert, though they had run out of the puff pastries during the day of our visit and were replaced with two sticks of Matcha Ganache served on the side (not pictured). Digging into the Kaya, the aroma of lavender earl grey tea hits the taste buds almost immediately, while it rounds off with the familiar notes of the classic pandan coconut jam that we had all grown up with; it is also noted that the Kaya was considerably smooth, being of a similar consistency with the Kaya usually found in supermarkets, all that without being overly sweet nor carrying an aftertaste. The Kouign Amann-esque pastries were crisp; almost cracker-like with a sugary glaze over the top without being particularly bready. A pretty interesting re-creation of a classic local breakfast.


We also went for the Puck; a dark chocolate entremet with sea salt. Plated with a dark chocolate crunch both on the side as well as at the base, the crunch helps to provide texture to the otherwise rich and smooth mousse cake which was pretty luscious with its bittersweetness. A pretty safe choice amongst the variety of cakes available here, whilst also something that would satisfy the chocolate lover.


Also giving the Jiao a try, the Jiao is named such from the Chinese translation of “Banana”, featuring elements such as Banana and Caramel. Cutting the cake open, the cake features a thin white chocolate exterior while it encases a local-style banana cake and cream within; all that along with banana in the middle encased within, a slice of brulee banana over the top, and a crunchy base at the bottom. The combination provided a cake that was not overly sweet, with the cream helping to neutralise and bind all the elements together, including the salted caramel sauce on the side which gave a slight saltish contrast to the cake.

(Flat White)

Pairing our cakes and pastries with a Flat White, the Flat White also comes with a few treats on the side, including a cinnamon cookie shaped like a churro and a small portion of light cheesecake; both being a thoughtful touch whilst being decent items that provides a preview of the quality of the bakes to be served to the table. The Flat White was decently-pulled; a creamy cuppa with medium body a nutty and earthy flavour profile, which works well with the bakes and cakes here.

Overall, Lee’s Confectionery is certainly a place that is pretty much of an unexpected find in the heartlands, and definitely somewhere that comes as a surprise to be located in the west where it had seen little buzz in the cafe scene. There is indeed a lot of heart being placed in the creations here; an emphasis of using familiar elements to the local tastebuds, yet recreating a new experience both tastefully and visually, and this is especially so for the Puff in particular. The quality of the cakes is also of a pretty respectable grade, while priced at a reasonable price point considering the labour and the ingredients used. A place that puts their heart and soul, fueled by passion and with a sense of nostalgia, Lee’s Confectionery is indeed one of the rare places that carry an emphasis in their offerings which shapes the character of the brand name. Whilst being off the beaten track, Lee’s Confectionery is a spot to visit at least once; it would certainly be interesting to see what else they would be able to come up with in the future!

Lee’s Confectionary
Blk 343 Jurong East Street 31
Singapore 600343

Web Page: https://leesconfectionery.oddle.me
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/leesconfectionery


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