Sugar Thieves – Blk 333 Kreta Ayer Road

2018 may be coming to a close, but that does not stop F&B establishments from sprouting up as the year is coming to an end.

Situated at the ground level of an HDB block, Sugar Thieves is a relatively new bakeshop that had recently opened its doors at Kreta Ayer Road just a few doors away from The Social Space. Being pretty much a hole-in-the-wall cafe, Sugar Thieves is pretty well decorated with brick walls and a pastel-coloured interior, featuring wooden fittings and cardboard furniture. Given the space constraints of the cafe, dine-in seats are limited to five seats; two of which by the window, and three around a cardboard coffee table placed at the right side of the shop. Despite the limited space, the space is well-decorated, with bakes easily seen at the facade of the shop as well as at the counter; possibly an attempt to attract potential patrons passing by the shop. Serving up cakes and other bakes such as quiches, Sugar Thieves offers both a variety of fixed menu items and seasonal items; the latter being displayed in the display chiller at the counter. Beverages are limited to Cold Brew; a White and a Matcha variant being available for those who are looking for a beverage to pair with the variety of bakes available here.

(Margherita Quiche)

Going for one of their savoury items, we went for the Margherita Quiche; the Margherita Quiche comes in a pretty generous portion for a single serving, considering it comes double the size of a usual quiche that is served at other places. Being a simple quiche that is inspired by the Margherita Pizza, the quiche comes with toppings such as cherry tomatoes, salami, and greens mixed in its eggy layer, whilst coming with a flaky crust at for its base. A pretty decent item for those looking for something savoury to have here.

(Strawberry Watermelon Cake)

We visited Sugar Thieves on the last day of their seasonal menu; the Strawberry Watermelon Cake was on its final run, though the staff did mention that the cake would make a comeback on the seasonal menu in February 2019. Being a cake which is tremendously tedious to make, the cake consists of elements such as rosewater-infused watermelon, grapes and other fruits along with cream and meringue. Whilst looking pretty dainty and all Instagrammable, the cake itself was light; meringue not being overly dense whilst being partly airy, matching up with the light pastry cream that carries a faint vanilla aroma that blends well with the floral notes of the rosewater-infused watermelon, itself being pretty juicy. Overall a rather refreshing combination; a cake which does not overwhelm the taste buds carrying a contrast of rather light flavours from the various elements, yet well-complimented with fresh fruits for a slight sweetness and tartness to tingle the taste buds with a consistent texture.

(After Eight)

Another item which was on the seasonal menu of Sugar Thieves was the After Eight; essentially a cake inspired by the Nestle-branded chocolate confectionary, the After Eight is an entremet that features chocolate and mint elements. We were pretty impressed with how balanced the flavour profile of the cake was; the chocolate being rich without being overly sweet while the refreshing note of the peppermint was also not excessively dominant, which helped to curb the problem where the mint would usually provide a rather odd aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. The ganache was also smooth, while the After Eight also contains chunks of chocolate-flavoured crumbles that create a crunchy texture while enhancing the chocolatey flavours. Yet another considerably well-executed cake from their seasonal selection.

Being a hole-in-the-wall shop, Sugar Thieves is particularly promising considering the quality of the cakes being offered here. The cakes here no doubt exude finesse in its execution, as well as quality in the ingredients used; something which they seemingly take pride in while they work on their craft. There is certainly effort and soul in what they have to offer, and its seasonal menu certainly gives patrons a reason for coming back for more in anticipation of the creations that they innovate in. Whilst being a simple setup, Sugar Thieves is in a class of its own when it comes to hole-in-the-wall bakeries; a spot that a lot of heart, effort and thought that are being placed into every item to bring the very best to the patrons. A place that we would certainly be looking forward to visiting again, especially for their latest season of cakes to be offered with the new year!

Sugar Thieves
333 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 080333


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