Pobo Gelato – West Coast Community Centre

West Coast is not a location that is well associated with the local cafe scene, but that has not stopped cafes such as Pobo Gelato from appearing in the neighbourhood.

Opened recently at West Coast Community Centre, Pobo Gelato is a new ice-cream parlour that serves housemade gelato in cones, cups, and waffles. Decked in a rather simplistic Scandinavian decor theme, the interior is spacious and offers both dine-in seats and standing bar at the side of the shop space. Gelato flavours available for the day are being displayed at the display fridge located at the front of the shop; the flavours offered being on the safer side. Beverages available include tea and soft drinks.

(Waffles with Double Scoop; Houjicha and Pistachio)

We went for the Waffles with Double Scoop, opting for the Houjicha and Pistachio gelato. Waffles were decent; carried a light tinge for buttermilk flavour but it could have been a little more prominent, while the texture, while also pretty decent, could be a little bit more crisp for better texture. The gelato’s texture were smooth and creamy, though could have been a little stickier; the Houjicha being pretty aromatic with its roasty tea fragrance, while the Pistachio was rich and nutty — both being pretty good flavours to go for here. Whilst having some room for improvement; the two flavours did well in terms of flavour — rather well-executed considering how the gelato here are churned in-house.

Having tried what Pobo Gelato has to offer, we felt that PoBo Gelato is a place with much potential — the gelato offered here, despite being flavours that are pretty much on the safe side, were done pretty well; no doubt that is still some room for improvement in the texture of the gelato, but it does seem to be a good start overall for a convenient spot for gelato in the neighbourhood. That being said, we felt that they could perhaps introduce one or two flavours with a unique twist — something that would stand out as a signature with a bit of impact which could bring some character to the brand name; a creation that would be distinctively theirs, considering how saturated the scene is these days. We also felt that the folks running the cafe could be a little bit more proactive; perhaps stepping out of the comfort zone to take an effort to make small talk with their patrons — introduce the concept and the flavours to the patrons, whilst also actively gathering feedback, all of which are small things that gives a more hospitable vibe to the cafe. Still, Pobo Gelato would still be a great spot in the neighbourhood for catch-ups over gelato (even better if they would ever serve specialty coffee), especially considering the lack of cafes around West Coast, though being a place with more character would certainly make it a destination in the West to check out.

Pobo Gelato
West Coast Community Centre
2 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 129605


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