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The Black Home Group seems to be on a roll of the late; Stack is one of their latest concepts (amongst others such as Working Title, The Mad Sailors, Santap and The Great Mischief), which is also launched during the same time as Tipo Pasta Bar, also situated in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood.

Unlike Tipo Pasta Bar, which is a full-fledged dining establishment on its own, Stack is part of the group’s new co-working concept named Camelia & Co., situated behind the area designated for Stack. The seating area for Stack is open-air; while the air-conditioned seating area behind the cafe is seemingly designed for dine-in, the area is strictly for members-only for the co-working space. The menu at Stack is rather simple; serving up a selection of sandwiches, the sandwiches features different styles of bread, which includes sourdough, rye, bagels and more, whilst offering patrons a choice of both savoury as well as sweet sandwiches Patrons can also opt to add on various toppings at an additional cost. For those looking for beverages to pair up with their sandwich orders, Stack does carry specialty coffee, as well as canned drinks and tea.

(The Makcik)

Going for The Makcik, this is one of the menu items that see local elements being thrown into a sandwich here; The Makcik features Rye, Tri-tip beef Rendang, Garlic Aioli, Bruises Tomatoes, Garden Greens, Pickled Onion and Fresh Jalapenos. Sinking our teeth into the thick sandwich, the various elements from the Rye toast to the tomatoes and jalapenos gave the sandwich a rather substantial bite; the rye toast is somewhat dense, crusty, and does provide quite a bit of chew to the sandwich. In between, the star of this item is undoubtedly the beef rendang here; coming in a similar style as though it was pulled pork (yes, we recognize and acknowledge the inappropriateness of comparing the preparation styles in this manner considering how Stack is a Muslim-run establishment, though there is seemingly no better way to describe this), the rendang beef comes pretty tender and fibrous, whilst carrying a slight gamey flavour amidst the evident hint of rendang spices used to marinate the meat which was pretty on point. The slice of bruised tomato helps to add a refreshing zing, whilst the garden greens help to create a crisp bite; both of which are classic condiments used to achieve similar purposes in other forms of sandwiches, while the fresh jalapenos help to enhance the flavours of the entire sandwich by providing a tingle of spiciness to jolt the taste buds. All in all, a pretty decent sandwich which came in a generous portion with a local twist.

(Sweet Valley High)

We also went for the Sweet Valley High; a sweet-savory sandwich that contains elements such as French Toast, Country Apple and Peach Compote, Hickory Turkey Ham, Blueberry Cream Cheese, and Speculoos. As compared to the Rye which came with The Makcik, the French toast that came with the Sweet Valley High was pretty light and fluffy; less dense as compared to the Rye. The sandwich is stuffed with a sweet compote in the middle, filled with chunks of apple, peach, and raisin that provided some bite, while the smokiness of the Hickory Turkey Ham helps to cut through the sweetness and provide a contrasting saltishness to the sweet elements in the sandwich. The blueberry cream cheese comes with a slight pinkish hue; whilst the flavours of the berries are not particularly prominent here, it does help to add a certain degree of richness to the flavours of the sandwich, whilst binding the ham and fruit compote together.

(Foreground: Cold Brew, Background: Iced White)

Going for both the Cold Brew and an Iced White, the former carries a strong body with a fruity, yet smoky flavour profile, whilst the Iced White was well-balanced with a medium body and a nutty flavour profile.

Overall, Stack does serve up pretty decent sandwiches that work as a quick, yet substantial bite for those who are looking for something to grab-and-go. Primarily served in takeaway packaging, the sandwiches are easy-to-consume, neatly packaged and not too messy to eat; seemingly a concept that matches well with the co-working space that it is meant to serve. While the lack of an air-conditioned dining area may be a bummer to some in the excruciating heat of Singapore, the well-sized dining space is already a thoughtful-enough addition to any co-working space. Stack may not be the intended hipster go-to location for brunch in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, but more of a functional addition for a space with wider purpose; that being said, it does indeed add on to the diverse options to dine at in this unique part of Singapore.

Stack (within Camelia & Co)
4 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199316

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