Galettes – Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

It seems that the hipster neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 had seen quite a number of changes, especially with the closure of many of the hipster cafes there such as Murphy’s, Twenty Grammes and Next Door Deli; all of which having moved in and out in the last couple of years.

New to the neighbourhood, taking up a space beside the former space of Next Door Deli when it was still situated in Ang Mo Kio is Galettes; a new cafe situated within the shopping arcade of an HDB estate that serves up crepes as a specialty. The decor is simple; attempts of creating a minimalistic decor theme can be seen from the large use of marble-accented furnishings with white walls, concrete counter, and wooden furnishings. Serving up crepes as their main concept, Galettes serve up both sweet and savoury crepes, as well as Mille Crepes for dessert. Side dishes are also available for those looking to share an item across the table, while patrons can choose between craft beer, tea and coffee options for beverages. It is noted that the savoury crepes were unavailable on the day of our visit to Galettes.

(Har Jeong Kai)

Wanting to have something savoury before indulging in their sweet crepes, we ordered the Har Jeong Kai; essentially prawn paste chicken mid-wings. Coming in a portion of six pieces, these were decent; crisp fried chicken that carried juicy flesh within — umami from the prawn paste used as a marinade.

(Crepe Suzette)

Going straight for one of the sweet crepes listed on the menu, we went for the Crepe Suzette, which features flambéed orange slices, Cointreau, their signature sauce and a scoop of Vanilla gelato. Adding to the theatrical components of this dish, the flambé is done at the table; a spectacle for diners to behold in the comfort of their seats. Having tried other variants of Crepe Suzette elsewhere, we felt that the Crepe Suzette is decent, though felt it could be further improved with more finesse — the crepes were soft and still carried reasonable moistness, though we felt that the crepes could be left on the pan a little longer for better texture and flavour. The Cointreau did carry a hint of alcoholic flavour along with the slight zing provided from the citrus-esque sauce, though seemingly a little tame — perhaps done intentionally so to keep things PG given how it’s situated in the neighbourhood with families being a target audience as well. That being said, the Vanilla gelato was creamy and smooth, and the wedges of orange pulp help to enhance the flavours of the entire dish.

(Creme Brulee Mille Crepe)

(Lemon Mille Crepe)

We also had two of the Mille Crepes here, namely the Creme Brulee and the Lemon variants. Between the two, we had a slight preference to the Lemon Mille Crepe; the zingy notes of lemon was evident throughout the French pastry cream here — very refreshing indeed especially after the Har Jeong Kai for how it resets the taste buds. In comparison, the Creme Brulee Mille Crepe was a tad too sweet; no doubt it carries the layer of crystallised sugar over the top just like how a classic Creme Brulee does, but the crystallised sugar also caused the topmost layer of the Mille Crepe to completely disintegrate from the entire cake within the first few forkfuls, considering the stark contrast of texture. Otherwise, the Mille Crepe is pretty much the same as any original-flavored Mille Crepe, featuring layers of Vanilla French pastry cream.

(Flat White)

Going for the usual order of the Flat White, Galettes brews their cuppas using beans roasted by Sarnies; while the execution could be improved, the Flat White was medium-bodied with toasty and nutty flavour profile.

Having tried a couple of their offerings, we felt that Galettes is a place with some room for improvement. It certainly makes for a good spot in the neighbourhood for crepes, but not necessarily a place to go out of the way for. No doubt the concept is interesting; there isn’t much of a crepe specialty concept in Singapore, but we felt that the offerings do seem to lack finesse and a premium feel as compared to other establishments that serve similar fare. Probably it has something got to do with the location and its price point, but Galettes would most likely be a place that is appreciated as a convenient hangout in the neighbourhood for residents around the area for a tea-time treat with a couple of friends to catch-up on.

Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 560529

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