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Opened at the mixed-development complex at Telok Kurau Road for quite a while is Wondertales Patisserie; a halal-certified patisserie that had opened its doors a number of months ago.

Being just a hole-in-the-wall concept, Wondertales Patisserie is more of a takeaway shop or collection point for orders — the cafe only has a table of three for patrons interested to dine within the cafe. Decked in a black theme, the cafe also uses furnishings and decor with gold accents for its interior, providing a premium and classy feel to the interior which is otherwise small and simple. A few varieties of cakes are available at the shop on an everyday basis; we visited the shop on a day where they were serving both sliced cakes, as well as entremets. Given how the cafe is operating primarily as a collection point or takeaway shop, no beverages are being served at Wondertales Patisserie except for plain water; though cakes are served with ceramic plates, the utensils provided are disposable — made of plastic though with a metallic finish.

(Opera Cake)

We went for the Opera Cake; an entremet cake which seemingly resembles that of galaxy cakes which were in trend sometime back — a refreshing look for a classic cake that is often served in a bar form. The entremet did feature elements similar to the usual Opera Cake; carried chocolatey notes with a slight whiff of coffee. That being said, the glazing on the Opera Cake felt a little dense and sticky; could have been smoother, while the flavours were also rather rich and sweet. That being said we also, felt that the Opera Cake could do with a moister sponge base for better texture, whilst also seemingly lacking the feuilletine layer that some similar cakes may have to bring a contrast of texture with a crisp layer in the middle.


Also going for the Bandung, the Bandung came pretty daintily, in a unique waterdrop-esque shape and in a shade of pink. This flavour no doubt would be a favourite amongst the ladies, with its floral notes that is iconic of the drink that it is named after. Whilst containing an even more richer mousse in the middle alongside a crunchy layer that seemingly carried a flavour similar to Horlicks, as well as sponge cake for its base and being lighter even in terms of texture with the Opera Cake in comparison, we felt that the Bandung is a little overly sweet, which was a little heavy to have alone. Otherwise, the Bandung is probably the better of the two, considering its lighter flavours in general between the two that was also pretty refreshing.

One reason why Wondertales Patisserie probably stands out from the crowd is how they are seemingly a patisserie being run by Muslims; there may be many other Muslim-run bakeries and patisseries around, but it is rare to find one that serves entremets as intricate as what Wondertales Patisserie does. That being said, having tried some of the items they have to offer, there is certainly room for improvement for the items we have had at Wondertales Patisserie; much of it seemingly attributed to the execution especially where texture and sweetness are involved. Still, Wondertales Patisserie seems to be of a place with potential, as long as they are able to refine the experience further.

Wondertales Patisserie
Vibes@East Coast
308 Telok Kurau Road
Singapore 423858

Web Page: https://www.wondertalespatisserie.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wondertalessg/


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