Egg Stop – Paya Lebar Square

Replacing the former premises of Natsu is Egg Stop, a new kiosk that specializes in Korean-style sandwiches.

Taking the space of a kiosk, Egg Stop essentially targets the takeaway crowd; be it the office workers in the area, or those looking for light bites whilst around Paya Lebar. The menu comprises of a few sandwich options, while patrons can opt for either ala-carte or set options; the set comes with a choice of drink on the side. Sandwiches are prepared only upon order, which guarantees piping hot sandwiches that are freshly-made only when the patron makes an order.

(Egg Stop Signature)

We made two visits to Egg Stop; on the very first visit, we went for the Egg Stop Signature; a sandwich that features scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, fresh cream and signature sauce. This was a comforting item to have; lightly-toasted brioche that is slightly crusted and carrying its own hint of sweetness, paired with fluffy scrambled eggs and soft-to-the-bite, sweet caramelised onions, it was a simple sandwich that satisfies without being overly complex in flavours — a hearty breakfast treat of its own. The slices of bread are also smothered with a slightly zippy and spicy sauce for flavour as well, in order to ante up the flavour profile of the entire sandwich.

(Beef Teriyaki Sandwich)

During our second visit, we went for the Beef Teriyaki Sandwich; yet another delicious sandwich by the folks of Egg Stop, the Beef Teriyaki Sandwich comes with beef slices, special sauce, egg yolk and Teriyaki sauce. While some elements are similar to that of the Egg Stop Signature, what truly made the Beef Teriyaki Sandwich is the flowy, cured egg yolk and the tasty beef slices that it comes with; the latter is cooked upon-order, with just the right amount of Teriyaki sauce for that hint of savoury flavour, while the beef slices were tender without being chewy, nor carried any gaminess whilst carrying a slight smokiness as well. Absolutely flavourful; pretty well-executed without being difficult to understand.

Egg Stop might be a kiosk, but the offerings are no doubt stellar. Sure, it does seem to hop on the ongoing trends of Korean-influenced sandwiches, but we were indeed surprised with the offerings that we had tried from them; the Teriyaki Beef is undoubtedly delicious — very comforting and tasty sandwiches that are easy to eat and appreciate with its no-frills combination of condiments. Details are also well-taken care of; kudos especially to the lightly-toasted Brioche bread which is light, fluffy and crusty with a subtle hint of sweetness — something that really enhances the feel of the sandwich overall. This is a spot that would undoubtedly draw crowds for a while; sandwiches that we would not mind having for a light bite whilst in the area, and a place to keep a look out for in the days that have to come!

Egg Stop
Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409051

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