Riz Labo Kitchen — Wisma Atria (Japan Food Town)

Japanese soufflé pancakes seem to be back in the trend of the late; belle-ville pancake cafe had opened their very first outlet a few months ago — fast forward a few months on, Riz Labo Kitchen, which originates from Omotesando, Tokyo, had come into Singapore at Japan Food Town.

Located within Bar Nippon at Japan Food Town in Wisma Atria, Riz Labo Kitchen only operates in the day from 11am to 5pm as a pop-up cafe from 21st July 2018 to 20 October 2018 (Bar Nippon would take over operations from 5pm). As such, the interior of Riz Labo Kitchen is not particularly meant for a dessert cafe, especially with the high tables and high chairs that is of a tall height; the interior is certainly meant to be primarily a bar (being Bar Nippon) and not particularly kid-friendly. Seating is also rather claustrophobic, though perhaps less so around the bar counter. The menu is restricted to only soufflé pancakes, with the Strawberry Berry Ice-Cream Kawaii Riz Labo Style capped at 10 portions a day. A wide variety of beverages are also served here, including coffee, juices, soda and tea options being available.

(Strawberry Berry Ice-Cream Kawaii Riz Labo Style)

As mentioned earlier, the Strawberry Berry Ice-Cream Kawaii Riz Labo Style is only available at a limited portion of 10 servings a day. The dish features a stack of three Japanese soufflé pancakes, served with raspberry ice-cream, fresh cream, strawberries and berry sauce on the side. The soufflé pancakes here are light and airy but seems a little more cake-like with just a slight hint of egg white that was used in the batter here. What gave the entire dish flavour was the tart strawberries and then berry sauce which helps provide a slight contrast with a bit of sweetness to the actual berries. The ice-cream came more similar to a sorbet; tart, yet refreshing, it compliments the flavours well without causing the entire item to feel overly sour.

(Matcha Gluten-free Pancakes)

We also went for the Matcha Gluten-free Pancakes; the Matcha variant essentially being similar, though only being sprinkled with matcha powder while coming with a scoop of Azuki over the top. It also comes with a small jug of maple syrup on the side as well. The same soufflé pancakes are used here as was served with the Strawberry Berry Ice-Cream Kawaii Riz Labo Style, though the sprinkling of matcha powder does give it a strong aroma of bitter green tea. The flavour is made richer and more luscious when slathering the fresh cream on the pancakes, while the maple syrup on the side helps to sweeten things up a little. An item that should work well with Matcha lovers.

With Riz Labo Kitchen being just a pop-up stall, the Japanese soufflé pancakes are pretty on-point especially when it comes to the light and airy texture of the pancakes. The menu might seem small, but it does carry enough variety for everyone, considering how most of its flavours seem to be pretty much crowd pleasers in general. We felt that Riz Labo Kitchen may do well as a concept of its own; perhaps with slightly better service (the staff seem a little silent and shy when we visited them a few days into their opening), but otherwise can be a little pricey to some. That being said, Riz Labo Kitchen’s popup is a place to add to the list for those who are into soufflé pancakes, considering it’s convenient location and the fact that is only here for a period of time.

Riz Labo Kitchen (within Bar Nippon)
Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
#04-49 (within Japan Food Town)
Singapore 238877

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Rizlabo/


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