Steakville – Sunshine Plaza

There seems to be a slight shuffle at Sunshine Plaza recently, with a couple of new F&B tenants taking over a few shop units while other existing ones are moving to a new location within the complex.

Just one of the new tenants that had found home in Sunshine Plaza is Steakville, a new steakhouse which primarily focuses on their steak offerings. The bistro is an entirely new concept that is opened by the same folks behind The Bettership and now-defunct The Betterfield; the latter being situated at Waterloo Street before its move to The Treasury when they had expanded their operations. The space feels welcoming; the use of wood elements, cushioned seats and greenery provides a comfortable setting that is lush and modern without being particularly pretentious, making it a setting great for casual dates or friends to catch up. Apart from beef items, the menu also carries a number of sides as well as a chicken dish and a salmon dish during the time of our visit; items that are thoughtfully curated for non-beef eaters. Beverages include specialty coffee using beans roasted by Candour Coffee, as well as other drinks such as tea and alcoholic beverages amongst others.

(Roasted Aubergine)

Going for an item to share, the Roasted Aubergine is something that caught our eyes instantly as we skimmed through the menu. Served almost in the same style as Nasu Dengaku (which we had recently from Makan Koryouri), the one served at Steakville comes with a western twist with a drizzle of honey and furikake. The result is a roasted eggplant that carries a soft bite; all juicy and tender while coming with a slight hint of aromatic sweetness from the honey that gives the eggplant flavour — an item that should entice those who love the Japanese miso paste eggplant dish for how it is conceptually similar.

(Mini Truffle Fries)

One thing we liked about Steakville is how patrons are able to order a mini portion of their Truffle Fries at a top-up of $6 with every order of the main. The portion comes manageable as a sharing plate for two with mains — the fries being well-fried being crisp whilst drizzled with ample truffle oil for a light aroma that lingers without clouding the tastebuds. Each serving comes with a truffle mayo dip on the side, which not only enhances the truffle aroma, but also adds a creaminess to the fries. In fact, the Truffle Fries served here bears some familiarity to the ones previously served at The Betterfield when they were at Waterloo Street (also the only The Betterfield location that we had tried) — coming with the same dip as well as with shaving of cheese to bring more flavour contrast to the entire dish.

(Signature Hanger Steak)

One of the highlights previously at The Betterfield during its initial days was their steak; a dish that was known for being pretty good quality yet value-for-money for its price point. The Signature Hangar Steak at Steakville is no exception; absolutely delicious, we ordered ours to be done medium-rare. The Hangar Steak also comes served with Truffle Mustard and Maldon Seasalt. Coming at a perfect medium-rare doneness, the beef comes crusted on the exterior and pinkish centre; while we were being told that the steak would carry a very mild gaminess, we found the beef to be void of any distinct gaminess while being incredibly flavourful, especially when had with the sea salt on the side. We also loved how tender and juicy the beef was, whilst sitting atop a bed of what seems to be a very smooth pumpkin mash (?) that helps to strike a balance by neutralising the meatiness of the entire dish. All in all, a pretty well-executed dish where the quality of the item speaks for itself at an affordable price point, considering that the Signature Hangar Steak is priced at $15++.

(Brown Buttered Chicken)

We also had to give one of the non-beef items a try; going for the Brown Buttered Chicken, the dish features a slow-cooked chicken breast, butter, seared garlic and herbs. Despite the simple execution, the item was pretty delicious. Sure; the slow-cooked chicken may be a little dry for some, which is a common problem considering how chicken breast is being used in the dish, but the overall result is a pretty clean-tasting dish that works well for those who prefers to go for something lighter on the palate without having to forgo meat options. The skin is crisp, while the garlic chips helped to enhance the flavours by providing a contrast to the chicken. The brown butter also helps to add some a hint of savouriness and richness to the entire dish as well, matching the clean flavours of the dish well.

(White – 5 Oz)

As mentioned, Steakville brews coffee from beans roasted by Candour Coffee. Our order of the White (5 Oz) carried a medium body with fruity notes; a decent cuppa considering how Steakville’s focus is more on their food rather than on specialty coffee.

The Betterfield was a place that we were actually pretty impressed with during our first visit; the food boasts of quality while being value-for-money, while we saw a chef-owner who was enthusiastic and passionate about the art of cooking while making quality food affordable for the masses. We saw how The Betterfield grew from a place with humble beginnings, to one that had expanded to occupy a space massively bigger than their very first. A few moves were made that we were not particularly fans of, especially with how it progressively moved on to serve trendy fare such as the Raclette cheese and burgers with Charcoal buns; it felt as though the initial ideas and concept got lost halfway. Steakville feels like a comeback of the original The Betterfield; perhaps a realisation of how The Betterfield was supposed to be as it was first conceptualised, putting the emphasis back on serving up no-frills fare with quality and finesse at an affordable price with a new identity that goes back to the roots of what was The Betterfield back then. The quality of food is commendable, with items still well-executed in general and delicious overall; pretty much delivering a lot of bang for the buck. Perhaps it is certainly time to put The Betterfield into the past where it should belong; Steakville is a promising new entrant to the F&B scene, brought by folks passionate in serving up quality fare and affordable rates. A place that would that is worth the visit especially for those who are looking for value-for-money steaks; we wish the folks behind Steakville all the best for everything that is to come in the future, and hope that they would be able to stay consistent, if not pushing boundaries in the long run!

Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652

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