The Stamford Brasserie – Swissotel Singapore Stamford

The Stamford Brasserie is the newest F&B concept to be added to Swissotel Singapore Stamford, adding to the hotel’s wide portfolio of dining concepts.

Whilst being situated in Swissotel Singapore Stamford, it can be argued that The Stamford Brasserie does not only add to the wide variety of F&B concepts to Swissotel Singapore Stamford; in fact, it also adds on to the list of restaurants and cafes that are situated within Raffles City given how the hotel is accessible from the shopping mall as well. Decked out in a retro yet industrial decor theme, The Stamford Brasserie not only exudes trendy vibes with a combination of tiled and cemented flooring with marble top tables, but also gives an ode to the past with a slight colonial vibe and old photographs of Singapore adorning its walls. We visited The Stamford Brasserie during their lunch service on a weekend; the menu comprises of small sharing plates, salad, soup, mains, and dessert. The beverage list comes pretty extensively, with a number of alcoholic options alongside coffee and tea; the coffee being brewed with beans roasted by Suzuki Coffee.

(Kurobuta Pulled Pork)

Going straight for the mains, we ordered the Kurobuta Pulled Pork; essentially a sandwich, it comes with mustard, cabbage slaw and bacon jam, sandwiched in between two slices of toast. The pulled pork was considerably moist and savoury without carrying a porky stench, while the sandwich also comes with other ingredients such as tomato slices which helped add some texture to the sandwich though made it a little difficult to eat by hand considering how the other condiments slip off from the tomato slice; the bread is crusty with a bite, while the cabbage slaw gives a crunch. That being said, the sandwich did carry a hint of bitterness from the charred edges which were a tad burnt; something that did not sit particularly well with us.

(House-made Gnocchi)

We also went for the House-made Gnocchi, an item that we would predictably order for our love of handmade pasta. The Gnocchi here comes with other elements such as Porcini, Butter Cream and Leafy Salad. The House-made Gnocchi is also a dish listed as vegetarian-friendly as well. While this was overall pretty decent, it felt that it was just stopping short of being amazing; for one, the butter cream did come infused with a hint of earthiness from the Porcini mushroom; that being said, we felt that the butter cream could have been reduced further to be a little thicker and more flavourful. We also felt that the texture of the Gnocchi was good; soft and chewy, though could have been improved further if the Gnocchi could be pan-fried for a crusted bottom for better texture overall.

(Citrus Medley)

The dessert was probably considered the best item between the three that we have ordered; the Citrus Medley came with Lemon Cream, Meringue and Crumble Pie. With the elements listed, the Citrus Medley scored well in terms of texture; the crunch from the crumble pie matched well with the soft meringue and the citrus gel and smooth lemon cream, while the dessert did bear the zingy notes that refreshes the taste buds after a heavy meal.

(Hot Latte)

We ordered the Hot Latte, which is being brewed using beans roasted by Suzuki Coffee as mentioned earlier. The cuppa were pretty decent considering how The Stamford Brasserie is not a cafe caught in the third-wave coffee movement; the Hot Latte came with a medium body and carried a roasty note in its finish. We also found it applaudable that the attempts on latte art, though not the best, were pretty much on-point as well.

For a dining concept that is under the portfolio of eateries operated by a hotel, The Stamford Brasserie felt like it was lacking some finesse; the slight char for the Kurobuta Pulled Pork was particularly concerning, while the House-made Gnocchi has some room for improvement in terms of its execution. Perhaps these are just teething issues for a newly-established eatery, but being a concept run by the hotel, we would not deny that there is a heightened expectation where the food should have come a little more refined overall. Service was pleasant; the staff was prompt and alert despite us being seated around a blind corner, while being polite and hospitable, something which is commendable in its own right. Perhaps The Stamford Brasserie needs some time; like a diamond that is to be polished for a more refined experience. Only time would tell … …

The Stamford Brasserie
Swissotel Singapore Stamford
2 Stamford Road
Singapore 178882

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