Farm & Fables – Savourworld

Savourworld seems to have provided the folks around Kent Ridge quite a number of interesting options to dine at since it’s opening, with tenants such as Wildfire Fried Chicken and Burger, Tokyo Joe and Licktionary Ice-Cream just being a few of the tenants operating there.

Farm & Fables is the latest tenant to have started operating at Savourworld; taking over the former spot that Garçons used to occupy, Farm and Fables share its space with Blotto Bottles — the latter is a wine shop that is the main tenant of the space that Farm & Fables occupy. The interior is spacious, though we thought the outdoor furniture that is used felt a little mismatched with its otherwise plush interior. Serving mainly European cuisine, the menu at Farm & Fables comprises of salad, mains and pasta with a few appetizers listed that are good for sharing around the table. The list of beverages available seems pretty short and limited here; possibly so to encourage patrons to go with the alcoholic options instead.

(Sakura Ebi Capellini)

Going for the Sakura Ebi Capellini for our choice of the pasta dish, the dish came with elements such as Sakura Ebi, French Shallot, Homemade Crustacean Oil, Shredded Nori and Bonito Flakes. While the pasta was done al-dente, the dish did feel a little greasy from the crustacean oil with the bottom of the bowl almost puddling with a thin layer of oil. That being said, it did enhance the flavours of the dish, providing a hint of crustacean sweetness amidst the slight hint of garlic that makes the entire dish pretty enjoyable overall.

(Cured Norwegian Salmon)

We also went for the Cured Norwegian Salmon — the menu lists “Pearl Onion, U.S. Asparagus, Butter Poached Australian Leek and Dill Oil” for the elements included in this dish. The salmon was done medium; crusted on the exterior, the salmon was tender and succulent whilst carrying its natural flavours yet with a crisp crust — that being said, the hint of dill could have been a little stronger to enhance the flavours of the fish just a little more. The butter poached Australian leek was a brilliant pairing with the salmon alongside the other elements such as the pearl onions that gave a refreshing yet lightly sweet crunch to the dish; the leeks provided some form of texture, yet also carrying the richness of butter that helps to provide a flavour contrast to the slab of salmon that made the dish pretty flavoursome.

While the food at Farm & Fables were considerably delicious, Farm & Fables felt rather lacking in its vibe — the dishes are modern and contemporary with some thought places in its plating, but the interior felt sparse and a tad underwhelming compared to the fare they are serving. It is also noted that Farm & Fables adopt a self-service buzzer system; while technically being nothing wrong, it felt that it cheapened the vibes of the concept considering what is being served here. That aside, the food at Farm & Fables is certainly pretty delicious; though portions are a little bit on the smaller size. Its location may not be the best to warrant revisits, but it certainly makes for a good dining option in the area aside from the vibes that it gives. Do note that Savourworld is encouraging cashless forms of payment; something which we were not aware of as the tenants were still accepting cash during our last trip there — so bring your cards along when you drop by any of the establishments at Savourworld.

Farm & Fables
2 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118222

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