Mr. Sheng Jian 生煎先生 – Liang Seah Street (Closed)

(Mr. Sheng Jian 生煎先生 had since ceased operations.)

Liang Seah Street seems to be seeing quite a few new F&B tenants on the block, with Cao Vietnamese Cuisine being one of the eateries that moved in just a few months ago.

Mr. Sheng Jian is a new Chinese eatery that had opened its doors recently at Liang Seah Street — an area that is thriving with Chinese hotspot restaurants scattered across the street. Unlike most of the eateries within the area, Mr. Sheng Jian’s interior is simple and modern; the use of white walls and wood accents give a clean, uncluttered look that does give off a slightly different vibe from the eateries in the area. The menu here is limited to just a few Sheng Jian Bao offerings as well as a few noodle dishes; small sides are also available with a Sichuan dessert being the only dessert available on the menu. We visited Mr. Sheng Jian during their soft opening phase, where they only had a few items available and were running a 20% discount off the total bill.

(Classical Flavour Sheng Jian Bao)

We initially wanted to go for the Mr. Shengjian platter considering how it comes as a tasting platter with all of the flavours of Sheng Jian Bao available on the menu being served up in one dish, though we were only told upon order that they only had the “Classical Flavour” Sheng Jian Bao available for their soft launch. Made fresh on a daily basis, Mr. Shengjian claims that their Sheng Jian Baos are not being frozen so as to retain its freshness. The Classical Flavour Sheng Jian Bao comes with the familiar minced pork filling whilst containing a savoury soup base within; the Sheng Jian Bao here comes well-filled beneath the crusty exterior with a good amount of minced pork to provide that savoury flavour while the soup eagerly explodes out of the Sheng Jian Bao with a single bite. Vinegar is available on the side for those who prefer adding a dash of vinegar for more flavour, while “Lao Gan Ma” (老干妈) chilli is also made readily available for those who prefer to have their Sheng Jian Bao with a spicy kick.

(Sirloin Noodles)

Going for a noodle dish to share, we settled for the Sirloin Noodles. The noodles came with a broth which was savoury, slightly tangy and with a hint of peppery kick; pretty flavourful considering how we ended up slurping up the noodles alongside the soup which provided most of the flavour for this particular item. Noodles were also aptly chewy, whilst carrying a bite. The chunks of sirloin beef were also considerably tender without requiring much effort to chew through, though carrying a slight hint of gaminess overall. Carrots were also well-cooked, carrying a soft bite. While the noodles were considered pretty comforting served piping hot, the broth seemed to induce a bit of thirstiness after a while with its savoury flavours; still pretty delicious, however.

While most of the Chinese eateries along Liang Seah Street are serving Chinese hotpots or Chinese grill, Mr. Sheng Jian’s offerings certainly add to the variety of Chinese fare in the area. Sheng Jian Bao is an item that we rarely order, considering how we habitually order Xiao Long Baos at places when we visit a spot that serves up Chinese cuisine. That being said, we thought that the Sheng Jian Baos at Mr. Sheng Jian was made with passion for the food, with the result being perceived as a form of art to be perfected. We were pretty satisfied with the items that we had tried at Mr. Sheng Jian, from the Sheng Jian Baos to the noodle dishes; flavourful with a respectable standard at an affordable price. While we were unable to try their more unique Sheng Jian Bao offerings such as the lobster and prawn variants during their soft launch phase, we would probably be back another time just to check out what Mr. Sheng Jian has to offer in the future.

Mr. Sheng Jian 生煎先生
8 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189029


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