Apollo Nasi Lemak – Paya Lebar Square (Closed)

(Apollo Nasi Lemak had since ceased operations.)

Nasi Lemak seems to be a local dish that everyone seems to be creating their very own rendition of, especially given the likes of The Coconut Club, Village Nasi Lemak Bar and even Nasi Coco; all of which whom seemed to have sprouted up in the local scene over recent years.

While Apollo Nasi Lemak is a new entrant to the F&B scene of Singapore, Apollo Nasi Lemak is no The Coconut Club or Village Nasi Lemak Bar; the latter two being fancy-schmancy joints that are both hipster and full of their own distinct character. Apollo Nasi Lemak is neither Nasi Coco either, considering there are no fusion re-creation of familiar elements in their Nasi Lemak. On first look, Apollo Nasi Lemak looks just like any other Nasi Lemak stall with its own shopfront; that metallic display that houses the cashier machine and the shelves for the food. The rest of the interior does carry slight hipster-ish elements, with an old radio set as well as neon lighting on one side of the shop. There are no fancy Nasi Lemak dishes served here; the menu features sets that are typical of most Nasi Lemak spots elsewhere, from the humble Chicken Wing Set as well as the Kuning Set. The highlight at Apollo Nasi Lemak would however be the Galaxy Set. The set comes with the standard condiments such as Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Cucumbers and Sambal apart from the Chicken Wing as well as Lobster Tail; essentially the full works here.

(Chicken Wing Set)

Going for our usual order around Nasi Lemak joints, we decided to go for the Chicken Wing set whilst going for an extra order for the Mackerel Otah on the side. The Chicken Wing Set comes standard with Chicken Wing, Egg, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Cucumbers and Sambal. Starting our first mouthful with the rice, the rice was aromatic with an evident hint of coconut, whilst being moist, soft and fluffy without being mushy nor clumpy. The chicken wing was also well-fried; crisp on the exterior without having a batter that is overly thick, whilst marinated with turmeric for a bit of flavour; the flesh being all juicy and succulent within. Sunny-side-up was also well-executed; the yolk eagerly bursting out with a poke from the fork. Other condiments also matched the entire dish really well; the cucumbers providing a refreshing crunch in between the other elements, while the Ikan Bilis were still crisp and gave a contrast in terms of texture. We also liked the sambal; whilst being slightly more liquid than we would have preferred it to be, the sambal still carried a good balance of sweetness and spiciness, carrying a manageable kick. Otah was also pretty delicious; soft, moist and carried evident flavour from the rempah spices, it also carried a decent level of spiciness that provides a slight kick to tingle the tastebuds.

While we had only tried a small variety of their items and also opting for the most basic offering instead of their full works, we felt that Apollo Nasi Lemak does serve Nasi Lemak of a respectable quality around the area. It certainly is not the best Nasi Lemak that we have had, but the quality of which it is being served at makes it one that I would not mind having while being in the area. That being said, the price point of the Nasi Lemak here is a little on the high side especially considering the type of establishment it seems to be; our Chicken Wing set comes at a price tag of $4.50, but the addition of the Mackerel Otah brings the total price of the meal to $6.70. That aside, Apollo Nasi Lemak would still probably be a spot that we would visit in the area if we are craving for some simple Nasi Lemak for lunch or dinner; the quality pretty much resonates the price it commands, and it does seem to prove itself to be a decent dining choice in the area.

Apollo Nasi Lemak
Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409051

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/apollonasilemak/


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