Two Men Bagel House – Royal Square Novena

Having opened their first cafe at Icon Village a couple of years ago, Two Men Bagel House had opened their latest outpost at Royal Square Novena; a stone’s throw away from Novena MRT Station and Novena Square/Square2/Velocity.

Two Men Bagel House is a name that those who are pretty much into the dining scene in Singapore would find familiar. Known best for their bagels, Two Men Bagel House had since become one of the names that is almost synonymous with bagels in Singapore; possibly one of the top few bagel spots in town. The new shop space is slightly larger than their previous space at Tanjong Pagar; this new outpost is an open-concept store where diners could sit both within or outside the store either at counter tops, communal seating areas or benches. While the seating area is now bigger, the seating layout does prove to be a challenge for larger groups. Their new outlet at Courtyard by Mariott Singapore also sees a slight change of their menu, offering patrons with bagels with schmears, Breakfast Bagels as well as the “Legends” section of the menu which comes with an emphasis on smoked meats; a category that did not exist previously at their first outlet at Icon Village. Apart from serving up coffee and tea, the beverage list includes chocolate, Dinosaur (the staff did explain that it was somewhat similar to the Milo Dinosaur) as well as Gorilla Press juices, lemonade, soft drinks, and milkshakes.


Since there menu is split into a few categories with us being at the new branch for lunch, we decided to go for two bagels; one from the Breakfast Bagel section of the menu, and another from the Legends section. The Lamb was from the Breakfast Bagels section of the menu — patrons are able to make a choice on the type of Bagel (e.g. Seeded, Salt, All-Sorts) that they prefer for their order. We opted for the All-Sorts, which is essentially the bagel that comes with the most of the toppings available. Apart from the lamb sausage patty, the bagel also came with cheese melt, smashed fried egg, hollandaise and greens. The entire package was a wholesome treat that is satisfying for breakfast without being too overwhelming; the lamb sausage patty is not particularly overwhelmingly gamey, while the creamy hollandaise and cheese helps to neutralise the flavours here to cut off the gaminess of the lamb. The All-Sorts bagel was incredibly savoury and umami, especially considering how the bagel is salted to provide a burst of flavour; the bread is also firm, without being too tough, dense nor chewy, being pretty light instead. That being said, the whole deal may be a mess to eat, considering the drippy sauces and egg yolk that ends up everywhere if one is not careful enough though this was something we certainly found to be just a small issue which we did not mind about.


We also tried the Primal, which consists of Smoked Brisket, House Pickles, Cheddar and Mustard BBQ Sauce; we also opted for the seeded bagels which came speckled with sesame over the top. For one, we did find our choice of bagel being the weakest link to the entire item; the bagel is still pretty firm yet light, but this was no match to the All-Sorts Bagel considering that the All-Sorts Bagel would have fit extremely well with all the savoury bagels here; something which we would certainly keep in mind the next time we return to Two Men Bagel House. That being said, the Primal is something which would satisy smoked meat flavours with the smoky, yet tender beef brisket that’s all spiced up with roasted capsicums, zingy pickles and a light tasting cheese at the bottom. As expected, this works better as a lunch grab-and-go item instead of breakfast; still a sheer pleasure to have considering how well-executed the meat and bagels are here.

Being a name that is almost synonymous with bagels in the local F&B scene, Two Men Bagel House’s new outlet does not disappoint; the bagels were delicious, well-baked while the accompanying meats were also well-executed. The vibes at the new branch also somewhat carries and overseas flair, with orders served at a self-collect basis once the patron’s name is being announced at the counter through a microphone. A place we would certainly find ourselves coming back for more in the future; all the best to the folks behind Two Men Bagel House for the opening of their second branch!

Two Men Bagel House
Royal Square Novena
103 Irawaddy Road
Singapore 329566

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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