Moosh Softserve – Haji Lane

Haji Lane had been seeing quite a number of switch-ups for the F&B tenants in the area, with new tenants such as Windowsill Pies and Moosh Softserve being new in the neighbourhood.

Being mostly meant for takeaway, Moosh Softserve is a hole-in-the-wall stall that serves up soft-serve; the stall is Muslim-owned and claims to be 100% halal. The menu is pretty simple at the moment, with different varieties of soft-serve being offered from classic flavours such as the Strawberry Cheesecake, Smores and Apple Crumble, while the Ondeh Ondeh variant is listed as an “all-time favourite” on the menu. During the day of our visit, Moosh Softserve were only serving their soft-serve in regular and large sized cups; we did notice that they seem to have plans to offer their soft-serves in cones as well as with Kurtos (a Romanian Spit Cake) in the future.

(Ondeh Ondeh)

We got ourselves the regular-sized Ondeh Ondeh to try. It is noted that the Gula Melaka soft-serve was not ready at the point of order; we came back after 10 minutes to collect our order thereafter. The Ondeh Ondeh flavour comes with a default set of toppings; namely, the unlabeled green sauce placed on the side (most probably Pandan sauce), desiccated coconut and coconut flakes; the green sauce lining the cup as well as being drenched atop the soft-serve while the desiccated coconut being added at the bottom as well as atop the soft-serve while the coconut flakes were being sprinkled over the top. Overall, the flavours of the Ondeh Ondeh were not overly sweet; the Gula Melaka soft-serve carries a light tinge of sweetness while being smooth and light in terms of the consistency of the soft-serve, though melted a wee bit too fast. The toppings such as the desiccated coconut help to enhance the flavours sufficiently to bring their soft-serve closer to replicate the flavours of Ondeh Ondeh, while the coconut flakes are toasted to bring the flavours further.

Overall, we were actually quite impressed with what Moosh Softserve has to offer. We might have had only one item, but we were actually pretty impressed with the consistency of the soft-serve; smooth, creamy and not overly dense while being suitably sweet. A place to check out when in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood for some sweet treats to cool off in the sweltering heat.

Moosh Softserve
44 Haji Lane
Singapore 189237


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