Tora – Concourse Skyline

Recently opened next to Niji Japanese Restaurant and just a few doors away from Le Canele d’Or, Tora is the latest tenant to have moved into Concourse Skyline along with their neighbor, Piety.

With furnishings and fittings done similarly to a cafe, Tora is a Japanese-Western fusion eatery that serves only Ichiju Sansai Omakase Style during the day of our visit, but they do have Ramen on the menu that would be made available in the near future. Predominantly more of a night spot, Tora also serves quite a small selection of appetizers that compliments the selection of craft beer brewed by Archipelago Brewery. For those who are not particularly into alcohol, they do have other beverage options such as canned drinks, bottled water, coffee and tea available as well.

(Prok Gyoza)

Going for one of the appetisers to share, the Pork Gyoza seemed like an item that would pair well with the various craft beers that they have on the menu. These pockets of pork and leek filling were light and crisp on the outside while being well-filled within; the pork did not carry any unpleasant pork stench whilst being not too heavy on the palate as well.

(Flaming Salmon)

All the items on the Ichiju Sansai Omakase Style section of the menu come with Japonica Rice, Soup of The Day, Ramen Egg, Sweet Corn, Spicy Tau-Kwa, Mesclun, Watermelon and Water. It is noted that some of the items seemed to have swapped out for other items on the day of our visit; the Ramen Egg and Spicy Tau-Kwa seemed to be missing from our orders, only to come with a saucer of Japanese Curry and Potato Salad that takes their place. Nevertheless, all of the accompaniments were pretty decent; the Japonica Rice comes with Furikake topped above in an attempt to add a dimension of umami-ness to the rice that makes it easier to finish. The potato salad was also soft to the bite, coated with an adequate amount of mayonnaise and reasonably savoury yet creamy while the Japanese curry does pull off the flavours pretty nicely and works well with the rice as well with a good balance of savoury and sweet flavours. The Flaming Salmon was not too bad; the unique flavours of the fish was evident and comes with skin-on; the skin was reasonably crisp. That being said, the salmon could have come a little bit moister and more tender for it felt a wee bit on the dry side. Overall, it is still a decent dish that could do with a little bit of improvement.

(Beef Brisket)

The Beef Brisket is also part of the Ichiju Sansai Omakase Style section of the menu which comes with the same accompaniments as the Flaming Salmon. They seem to be pretty generous with the beef brisket here given the huge chunks of beef on our portion. Despite being flavourful, the braised beef brisket was not quite as fork tender as expected; a little tough and requires a little bit of chew especially given the size of the chunks of beef brisket. Again, a dish that could do with a little bit of improvement to enhance the texture of the meat to be more tender for a better experience.

Overall, Tora does seem to have a bit to do when it comes to their food. No doubt the flavours of the dishes are brought out pretty decently, but there is certainly some improvement that could be done with textures of the meat/fish that they have to offer. Service rendered was pretty up-to-mark, though we would have appreciated if they could have informed us about the change of the ramen egg and spicy tau-kwa with potato salad and Japanese curry at the point of order just as a form of formality rather than be kept in the dark of the changes all the way through. That being said, while we would not really find ourselves rushing to return to Tora, Tora does seem to provide yet another option for a meal around the Beach Road area near Nicoll Highway MRT Station that provides a comfortable environment to sit around to catch up with some friends after work especially with their Happy Hour promotions.

Concourse Skyline
302 Beach Road
Singapore 199600

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. szml says:

    Hi, is PieTV a restaurant or cafe?

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Yes; it’s a cafe — hope this helps! 😊

      1. szml says:

        Wow, what a super weird name! Thanks 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for coming down! Your feedback is well-taken, we’ll definitely work towards improving our food selections and service. Look forward to serving you soon! 🙂

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