aRoma – Arab Street

aRoma is a new gelato shop that had recently opened its doors in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood.

Situated at Arab Street, aRoma is just a stone’s throw away from The Hangar, All Things Delicious and Comestival Desserts. Taking over a small shop space, the interior adopts a monochromatic colour scheme — there is no dine-in space with all orders being strictly takeaway. aRoma serves their gelato in cups or cone; they do have a few Sundae options as well under the La Torta section of the menu.

(Lemon with Basil and Caffe Del Nanno – Piccolo [Cone])

Having tried a few flavours before making our order, we went for the Lemon with Basil and Caffe Del Nanno in a cone (cone is only available from Piccolo size onwards); the former being a sorbet while the latter being a gelato. The Lemon with Basil works as a good palate cleanser; the lemon provides for a zippy flavour whilst the basil rounds the sourness off adequately with its herby flavour profile. It is also noted that the texture of the sorbet is a good balance without being too watery and brings out enough flavour for the elements to shine on their own. The latter was smooth and creamy with a hint of coffee; not too strong nor sweet and pretty clean without leaving an aftertaste.

(Strawberry & Mint – Bambino [Cup])

They were running an opening promotion during the day of our visit where an order of a Piccolo-sized gelato would be entitled to a free scoop of Bambino-sized gelato; we picked the Strawberry and Mint for our complimentary scoop which was absolutely refreshing with the tart flavours of fresh strawberry. It was interesting considering despite the addition of mint, the gelato did not carry any overwhelming hint of minty flavour where the cooling sensation clouds the palate; the mint felt like it was added to provide a herby finish to round off the zippiness provided by the strawberries.


Going for one of their La Torta offerings, we opted for the Nutellino; essentially a scoop of Hazelnut gelato accompanied by broken chocolate biscuit, hazelnut topping, nutellino topping and crushed hazelnuts. Claimed by the staff behind the counter as one of their most popular flavours, the “sundae” would probably work well for those who love the classic combination of chocolate and hazelnuts especially with the multitude of textures and flavours it offers from the different elements used; the toppings did create a crunch along with the smooth and creamy gelato that provided a nutty flavour without being overly sweet.

Despite being just simply a takeaway space, aRoma seems to be able to deliver quality gelato in the area; the flavours, despite being much on the safe side, were executed pretty well while the texture is pretty consistent across all flavours being smooth and velvety for the gelato or not too icy or watery for the sorbet across the various flavours that we have tried. Despite so, the portion size could have been a little more generous, especially for the Piccolo size on a cone which seems to be relatively petite. That being said, good gelato places are a hard find in Singapore, and aRoma does seem to carry quite a bit of potential; a decent spot to just conveniently grab gelato on-the-go in the heart of Kampong Glam especially under the sweltering heat of Singapore.

29 Arab Street
Singapore 199728

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