Parallel – One Raffles Place

The basement of One Raffles Place had seen a rather major revamp recently, with quite a number of new tenants taking over the spaces left behind by the previous group of tenants.

Parallel is just one of the few new tenants which had recently moved into the basement of One Raffles Place with the likes of other names such as Amamoto Cafe. Being a kiosk that mainly serves the takeaway crowd, Parallel does, however, have a standing bar counter for those who wish to have their food around the stall. Targeting the health-conscious office folks, Parallel offers a simple menu of just a small variety of Acai bowls, while also serving speciality coffee using beans sourced by Common Man Coffee Roasters.

(Superstar Bowl)

Going for the Superstar Bowl, it is also one of the more basic variants of acai bowls here that would be a crowd pleaser as it comes with bananas, blueberries, granola, sunflower seeds and chia seeds. Unlike some other places serving up acai bowls, the various nut butter available comes as an add-on at $1 extra rather than being included by default with the acai bowl. The acai bowl here is notably not overly sweet; possibly due to the exclusion of nut butter and focuses more on the flavours of the acai berry with a noticeable tinge of mellow flavour at the end. The other items all created some contrast; the banana adding a bit of sweetness, blueberries carried a light tartness and the seeds and granola provided the crunch amidst the smooth,  blended acai that came without icy bits — definitely had a variety of texture and flavours going on.

(Flat White)

As mentioned, the coffee here is pulled using beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roasters. The Flat White was a rather smooth cuppa with a medium body and smoky finish.

Being a place that is focused on serving acai bowls, their offerings seem to be of a decent quality — something that would probably be able to satisfy the health-conscious office folks of the Central Business District. A convenient place for office folks in the area to grab a coffee from and get their acai bowl cravings fixed.

One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place
Singapore 048616

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