Ramen Hitoyoshi – Harbourfront Centre

Ramen Hitoyoshi is a new Japanese ramen restaurant that is situated at Harbourfront Centre, taking over the space that Chef’s Noodles used to occupy.

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The interior is furnished in a style that seemingly replicates a Japanese ramen shop in Japan; the space is considerably medium-sized with a decent number of table seating as well as a small area of counter seats facing the kitchen. Ramen Hitoyoshi’s menu focuses on Tonkotsu ramen, carrying three variants of Tonkotsu broth; the original Tonkotsu broth, a Garlic Tonkotsu broth as well as a Spicy Tonkotsu broth. All ramen comes in three styles; a basic version that comes with Chashu, Black Fungus and Spring Onion, a version with Ajitama which is essentially the basic version with an egg added and the “All Topping” version which comes with all of the toppings including Aburi Belly Chashu. Patrons are able to customise their bowl of ramen here to their preferences; the order chit includes options where patrons can opt for a lighter/heavier broth, thick/thin ramen and even the doneness of the noodles. A small menu of sides is also available, while they seem to have a variety of Donburi that was yet to be launched during the day of our visit.

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(Garlic Tonkotsu All Topping)

Our dining partner went for the Garlic Tonkotsu All Topping, which comes with Chashu, Black Fungus, Spring Onion and Aburi Belly Chashu while opting for thin noodles cooked softer and the “normal” broth. Overall, we found the Tonkotsu broth rather rich but a little too salty for our liking; perhaps even a little heavy on MSG; the other condiments that came along were largely pretty decent though not particularly remarkable. The Aburi Belly Chashu and Chashu were on the leaner side; both tasted rather similar and gave a meaty bite without a porky stench, while the Ajitama itself was actually pretty decently executed and made a stronger impression with its molten egg yolk.

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(Spicy Tonkotsu All Topping)

We went for the Spicy Tonkotsu All Topping; it comes with all toppings that came with the Garlic Tonkotsu All Topping and an addition of chilli and spicy mince. Essentially the same deal as their Tonkotsu broth but with chilli, the spiciness kicks in at the back of the throat; pretty manageable for us though it probably would fit those who are able to take a moderate level of spiciness. We also found the Spicy Tonkotsu broth a little more bearable than the Garlic Tonkotsu broth somehow probably due to the spiciness that was able to cut through the saltiness and richness of the Tonkotsu broth.

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Being casual Japanese ramen eaters (yes, we rarely end up in a ramen situation here; do take our post with a pinch of salt!), we thought that the ramen was decent though the broth probably needs a bit of tweaking while the other condiments while being serviceable, may require a bit of improvising to give the bowl of ramen an additional oomph. That being said, Ramen Hitoyoshi is a decent addition to the Harbourfront area that might work for those looking for somewhere to dine within the vicinity of Vivocity and Harbourfront MRT Station.

Ramen Hitoyoshi
Harbourfront Centre
1 Maritime Square
Singapore 099253

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RamenHitoyoshiSG/


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