The Dark Gallery – Millenia Walk

Newly set-up along the main aisle at Millenia Walk right beside Patisserie G is The Dark Gallery, a chocolate-centric cafe that currently also operates a number of outlets within Malaysia.

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Being a cafe with chocolate being its core focus, The Dark Gallery sets itself apart by focusing on single-origin chocolate — it seems to aim to educate the masses about different characteristics of chocolate that are sourced from different origins; an example would be the Single Origin Chocolate platters that are available in the form of drinks and desserts where chocolate from different sources are served on the same platter to allow one to experience the different flavour profiles of the various chocolates. Apart from the platters, The Dark Gallery also offers a number of pastries, drinks, ice-cream and desserts that come with a focus on the chocolate used, while tea (by Gryphon Tea), coffee (using beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roasters) and juices are also available here.

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(The Chocolate Rhapsody)

The Chocolate Rhapsody is a plated dessert meant for the true chocolate fanatic — the dessert comes with three scoops of ice-cream; namely the Dark, White and Milk Chocolate which are all signature ice-cream flavours here. The plated dessert also comes with Chocolate Meringue, Tuille and Mousse to help enhance the texture of the entire dessert. The three scoops of ice-cream bring the dimension of flavours of the different types of chocolate — our favourite was the Dark Chocolate ice-cream which was velvety smooth and rich with an intense cocoa flavour that was pretty decadent on its own, while the White Chocolate was a tad mild for our taste buds. The remaining chocolate components helped by adding a crunch and bite to the entire dessert, thus rounding off the dessert with a complexity in terms of texture.

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(Signature Toasted S’mores)

We also went for the Signature Toasted S’mores which was a flame-torched marshmallow atop a Graham Cracker with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. Unlike most S’mores dishes that we had tried, the S’mores comes light, fluffy and airy rather than being a slab of dense, sugary and sticky marshmallow which can get pretty heavy on its own. The chocolate drizzle emphasises on the flavours of cocoa rather than to add a sweetness to the dessert, something which we found pretty complimenting. That being said, the Graham Cracker felt a tad unrelated to the dessert; sure, it was buttery and crusty, but as the marshmallow was simply placed on it rather than melted on top of it, there seemed to be a lack of integration between the Graham Cracker and the S’mores overall.  

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(Flat White)

As mentioned above, the Flat White was brewed using beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roasters. Overall, the cuppa felt a little too acidic for our liking, with a bold body — could have been a little over extracted perhaps?

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Being a spot meant for chocolate desserts, The Dark Gallery seemed to have hit most of the spots — we did enjoy the depth that their chocolate carried rather than being there for its sweetness — an experience that is a little different from the usual dessert spots. That being said, some items could still probably be refined to better integrate with the entire dish. Conveniently located at Millenia Walk, The Dark Gallery makes for a good stopover on weekend shopping trips or even a spot that chocolate lovers might find interesting to check out.

The Dark Gallery
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

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