Brawn & Brains Coffee Run – Fragrance Hotel Imperial

It’s been a couple of years that we have been visiting Brawn & Brains Coffee along Guillemard Road; they have since opened a new branch at Fragrance Hotel Imperial along Penhas Road.

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Being an outlet that is primarily meant for takeaways, Brawn & Brains Coffee Run is a hole-in-the-wall space that is rather similar in size with the original branch at Guillemard Road tucked in the corner less the communal seating area. During our time of visit, Brawn & Brains Coffee Run was serving only coffee and tea, though they are planning to serve the same pastries (e.g. croissants and Pulla) here with a small area for bar seats at the back of the shop. Of particular note would be the offering of Batch brew here; something similar to the coffee served at American diners that is targeted at folks who need to grab a quick cup of coffee.

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(Flat White)

Going for our usual order, we went for the Flat White which was brewed using their very own Pen & Pencil blend which is roasted by themselves. The Flat White is of consistent quality as the main branch at Guillemard Road — smooth and creamy; medium-bodied with a nutty and earthy flavour profile that works well as a morning perk-me-up.

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Brawn & Brains Coffee is a spot that we often find ourselves at; it is a place where they have passion behind their food and coffee and take pride in the craft. This remains unchanged at Brawn & Brains Coffee Run; despite being just a takeaway joint, one can definitely feel the same vibes from Brawn & Brains Coffee right here along with that familiar cuppa. It had been a joy seeing them grow from a small hole-in-the-wall cafe from its early days to its expansion at its current space at Guillemard Road and now, its opening of the second branch; congratulations to the team behind Brawn & Brains Coffee on the opening of Brawn & Brains Coffee Run, and we wish them all the best in the days to come!

Brawn & Brains Coffee Run
Fragrance Hotel – Imperial
28 Penhas Road
Singapore 208187

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