Licktionary Ice-Cream – Savourworld, Ascent

Licktionary Ice-Cream is one of the new tenants which have moved into Savourworld, Ascent recently, joining the likes of Ramen Atelier, KICK Cafe, Coffee Break and others which had been operating in the building for a while.

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Adopting a rather interesting concept for an ice-cream parlour, Licktionary Ice-Cream is named as such for their ice-creams are named with single words such as “Love”, “Lust”, “Mojo” and “Carnival”; the ice-cream here carries names of a single word that the flavours are inspired by or defined with, a twist from conventional ice-cream flavours which name their ice-cream after the ingredients used. The ice-creams sold here are also churned fresh in-house. The shop space that Licktionary occupied was rather huge, though the kitchen takes up most of the space available; an open-concept kitchen where windows are installed to allow patrons and passers-by to peer through the preparation process of the ice-cream here, while the rest of the space is the main area where the counter and seats are placed. Interior decor is kept rather clean, bright and minimalistic with the use of white walls and cement flooring while largely free from clutter; the seats and tables are rather low with not many seats are available, considering that there is the only table for three inside and another two tables placed outside of the shop. During our time of visit, Licktionary Ice-Cream only offers ice-cream in cups, pints and cone, with a flat rate charged for all scoops of ice-cream.

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We tried a couple of flavours, including the “Happy” which was Orange and Horlicks ice-cream which was surprisingly good with its zesty flavours amidst the mellow sweetness within the maltiness of the Horlicks base, but we ended up with the “Luck” served in a cone which is essentially their rendition of pineapple tart/pineapple cookies in ice-cream form. Using elements such as pineapple, cookies and spices, the ice-cream carried a tangy and zingy sweetness while carrying a spiced flavour with cookie crumbs within to crunch on; a creamy yet refreshing flavour that seemed to have replicated what it was intended to be rather well. A flavour that seemed to bring back some of those Chinese New Year vibes.

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We also went for “Kampung”, which was yet another flavour that seemed inspired by local flavours such as coconut, Gula Melaka and Pandan. This flavour was notably more mellow in terms of sweetness; the ice-cream flavour seemed to focus less on the sweetness of Gula Melaka but instead on the deep flavours of Gula Melaka. Something that would probably hit well with the older folks and also those with lighter palates, especially given the soft touch in terms of sweetness that this flavour seemed to have carried.

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Licktionary Ice-Cream seemed to have built its character around the concept of the way that they name their ice-cream; it is certainly interesting to see a place that incorporates the concept of a dictionary into ice-cream where the flavour defines the name of the ice-cream. The range of ice-cream offered here is also rather interesting, with quite a number of unexpected combinations using local-inspired elements that were a refreshing take. That being said, Licktionary Ice-Cream can look into serving their ice-cream with other accompaniments; the lack of waffle/brownie/apple pie options here somehow creates a noticeable void against  other ice-cream parlours around the island, though one might also argue that the target audience (i.e. office workers in the area) might prefer something easier to grab-and-go. All in all, Licktionary Ice-Cream does provide for a good option for dessert in Savourworld, considering the lack of a proper dessert spot within the building itself; while the ice-cream is pretty good here, it would be interesting to see how things would go for them here in the future.

Licktionary Ice-Cream
Savourworld, Ascent
2 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118222

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